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When Enough Is Not Enough: Delivering Extraordinary Customer Service

Jan 19, 2008
Business climate is always changing. Products and services come and go. Due to advances in technology, there are businesses that close their shops because they are no longer relevant to the market. Even if a product is still very much in use, there are a number of innovations in the market that can turn the tide of competition to the organization that is willing to make changes and innovate. However, even in the case of good products and services, there may still be some organizations that thrive in the business, not because of their top quality products and services but because of their very good customer service.

There is a mindset in the business world that equates customer service with contact center agents or dealing with customers with what they ask for. Such a mindset, however, gives customer service that is either enough, or falls short of the standards of excellence and goodness in the field.

Enough customer service means that the customer is able to enter a store, buy what he needs and then zooms out of the store before you could say buy another one of these. Given the situation of the market nowadays, enough customer service is no longer enough. What is needed is a strong foundation in the companys products and services coupled with excellent customer service.

In this regard, the company would do well to offer good products and services together with superb and excellent customer service. By outsourcing contact center services to the Philippines, the company is able to capitalize on its strength and let the pros handle the customer service issues of their company. There are several things needed for this.

The company should first define how it envisions serving its customers and clients. In addition to that, a definition of excellent customer service should be arrived at. Without this definition the company will be trying to fulfill unreasonable expectations without systematically looking at things. For contact centers located in the Philippines, excellent customer service means cheaper labor costs, excellent handling of customers, meeting the demands of quality assurance, and meeting sales targets and quotas.

When the definition of extraordinary customer service has been arrived at, the organization needs to ask itself whether it is performing according to the criteria it has established. The sources of under performance also need to be taken into account. This might necessitate a company audit, which might reveal a great deal more of insights on the firms level of customer service. If it were found out that the company is not meeting its goals in terms of excellent customer service, especially in its contact centers, then it is high time for them to consider outsourcing such service to third parties that are knowledgeable and professional. For this purpose, contact centers in the Philippines are the best option.

The role of subordinates should also be taken into account since they are crucial in delivering the kind of service that the company espouses. If the workers are treated like trash, then more often than not, they will exude the same attitude towards the customers using the organizations products and services.
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James Stinson is Owner and Founder of Global Sky Inc. He employs a team of 50 in a high quality call center facility based in the Philippines. For more info on outsourcing your project visit: http://www.global-sky.com
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