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The Basics Of Vending Machine Repairs

Jan 19, 2008
How much do you know about vending machine repairs? If you are in this type of business you hopefully know at least the basics. You have to keep all of your machines working if you want to make money from them. Consumers become discouraged when vending machines aren't working like they should. They may refrain from using them in the future for that reason.

You will find the different models of vending machines feature different parts. You will need to think about what you shop for them. Some owners prefer older models of vending machines as they know them inside and out. Others like the newer features on the latest models. They just take the time to learn about how to repair them so they are prepared for anything.

You definitely don't want to have to get someone else to fix the vending machines for you. This can turn a repair with a $20 part into a $200 charge for you. It also likely means the vending machine will be down longer. This is due to the repair location needing some time to fit it into their schedule. While you wait though your vending machine isn't making you any money.

Keep some of the common parts used for vending machine repairs with you. This way you will have what you need on hand. It can make the difference as to when your vending machine is back in working condition. Generally you will notice the need for such repairs when you show up to put more merchandise in the machine and to remove the earnings.

It is impossible to have a stock of all the possible vending machine parts you may need though. As a result you may need to get them locally or even order them from a supplier. Find out in advance where you can get a hold of the various items you may need. This way you aren't frantically trying to track them down when you do need them. Always buy quality items as well so they will last a very long time.

If at all possible buy such parts locally. This way you can get them put on the same day you discover the problem. This is the best way to reduce the amount of down time for the vending machine. You definitely want to save some money on what you buy but if it comes down to paying more to get it locally or to wait for it to be shipped, it is often worth it to buy it locally.

In order to complete the various vending machine repairs you will need tools. Keep a good tool kit with you when you go to the vending machine locations. You should have a good assortment since you don't really know what you will need to have for a given repair job. The faster you can complete the process the sooner you will be making money from the machine again.

Sometimes it is worth it to repair a vending machine and other times it isn't. You will need to evaluate the cost involved and the time involved. Some vending machines are too worn down to stay working for long. In such cases you may need to invest in a replacement. You will need to use your own judgment to decide which option is going to benefit your vending machine business the most.
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