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Home-based Business And The Hobbyist

Jan 19, 2008
Like me you have probably had someone say, "Find a way to make your hobby pay you."

Believe it or not this is often the birthing place of home-based businesses. Perhaps you have never considered taking what you consider fun and turning it into a way to earn income for yourself or your family.

Consider John Moldovan who immigrated to America from Romania via Austria. He involved himself in other work, but his passion was making wooden furniture. He eventually competed in shows and did well. Now his hobby allows him to sell handcrafted furnishings and take special pieces to exhibits. His hobby has even allowed him to conduct fee-based classes that allow him to teach his hobby. All three elements result in a paying hobby.

In a similar way the Country Cow Creamery of New Jersey has taken a love for decadent desserts and have amassed a significant following. They have an online store that allows cookies to be ordered, but they also have a brick and mortar store that allows their hobby to be tasted up close and personally. The growth of the business has lead to television appearances and classes that help others learn the skills of dessert making. This company has found a way to take a hobby and make it pay.

Steve Tindle is a Native American Indian. His hobby is playing the Native American Flute. So, Steve recorded a CD of some of the most amazing music you may ever hear. It is a hobby, it is a passion and stores that carry his CD cannot keep Hoyanna! stocked. Steve took his hobby and found way to make it pay. The proceeds help him in other worthwhile issue oriented pursuits.

Amateur photographers around the world are finding life for their photographs on sites like iStock. They can take their hobby to remote locations that fulfill a need for adventure and solitude or they might be more adept at candid slice-of-life shots in a busy city, but they are finding ways to make their hobby something that can return some financial remuneration in exchange for the fun of doing what they love to do.

It is possible you have been busy attempting to come up with a business idea without doing something very important - exploring the things you enjoy doing most and attempting to see how your hobbies might make a home-based business possible.

Would you enjoy being able to participate in your hobby more than you currently do? Could your hobby be adjusted to mesh with a business plan? If you don't think your hobby would make a good business is there a way to alter your hobby to conform to a potential business plan?

Hobbies are typically thought of as the things that we do to unwind and relax from all the work we typically have to do. Imagine a world where your hobby was your work. Imagine getting paid to do what you already love to do. Isn't the idea alone enough of a motivator to allow yourself to dream a bit?
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