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Secrets Of Intriguing Link Bait Strategies

Jan 19, 2008
Sometimes it seems like the internet techies have their own language and terminology and this is one of those times. I mean really "link bait" will we need a rod and reel too? Many times I will be talking with clients new to internet marketing and building links that won't have a clue what I am talking about, but don't really want to ask either. No one wants to look foolish by asking which lake we will be fishing at. So what is this mysterious thing called Link Bait?

What is this Link Bait?

The term link bait simply means creating unique content that is specifically designed to attract visitors and traffic from around the web. By creating content in this manner you are hoping to attract webmasters with their own websites, blogs and networks and will refer to you content on their platforms and create links back to the original source.

Now you are probably thinking that is the goal of everything I post on my website. That may be true but link bait is specifically designed to bust through all the content noise on the net and make readers take notice.

I will briefly name the concepts for creating that content and you can read more about each of these concepts at the resource link posted at the bottom of the page of a more detailed article.

The basic concepts for link bait content come in the forms of various hooks called: News, Contrary, Attack, Resource and Humor.

Why Do I Want These Links?

Links to your website are the life blood of traffic on the internet. If you want traffic to visit your site and make use of the products, services or content there you have to have links which allow them to reach you. These links also affect where your website may show up in search engines for various search terms. The more links you have, the more relevant your site will be viewed by the search engines and the higher it will place in search results.

If you want your website to have popularity on the internet and receive traffic a solid link building campaign of directory submissions and content to generate links via link bait is essential.

What Are the Steps to Link Bait?

If you want your link bait to be effective you need to do more than post it and forget it. There are specific steps you can utilize to bring your content to the attention of the internet community which will increase the odds of getting traffic to view it and links that reference it.

Some of these include the usage of relevant forums, blogs, press releases, article submissions that reference content and link building to the content. All of these steps are covered in more detail in the article 11 Easy Steps to Link Bait that you can reach with the resource link below.

Now we understand that link bait is really any content on your web site that will bait or attract people to read it and refer to it via links on other web sites. If you're looking for a detailed step-by-step explanation to link bait make sure to check out the 11 Easy Steps to Link Bait.
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