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Why A Well Presented Business Card Is Better Than Advertising

Jan 19, 2008
Advertising is a very costly business and many small businesses find that money spent doesn't necessarily turn into profitable business growth.

When I first started my first business I didn't have much money to spare so I really had to challenge myself to find the best ways to market my business without parting with lots of cash. I happened to stumble upon business networking and the rest "as they say is history". I've generated thousands of pounds from business networking and all for the small price of sign up fees to a number of group networking events.

Having said that, and contrary to many of the get rich quick schemes you see advertised, attending a business networking event doesn't guarantee you overnight success. You have to work at it and there are many business networking techniques that you can apply to increase your hit rate for referral generation.

Don't underestimate the value of a well presented business card, let me explain:-

Have a think about your business cards and what they are designed to do. They are the one and only thing that anyone has to remember you by when a networking event is over and inevitably it'll be one of many so how do you make it stand out?

Your business card must achieve three essential things:-

1. It must explain accurately and concisely what your business is about and the service that you after.

2. It must provide all the information needed to get in contact with you after the event

3. It must ensure that you are remembered

Look at your business card. Does it truly do all these three things?

Critique it carefully to ensure that it includes the minimum essential contact details such as your name, your company name, your address, telephone number and e-mail address.

Does it accurately convey your service details? Have you really used those keywords that convey the basic message about what you do? Don't forget that a business card has two sides, only printing on one side is a waste of valuable advertising space so use both sides. You may want to consider putting a photograph of you on the card - a sure fire way to make it stand out as someone flicks through cards trying to remember who they met. What better way to ensure someone can put a name to a face?

Now consider how your business card looks. From an image point of view does it accurately reflect the type of business that your are in/ is it eye catching? It's worth considering using a graphic designer to really make it stand out from the run of the mill business card.

Having said that, don't get carried away with the graphic design. Many business people (especially the really good networkers) will use your card to make notes on so always keep the background colour light. There's nothing worse that trying to make notes on a black card with a black pen!

You don't have to spend the earth on business cards, there are some great deals on the internet but just be cause you don't spend a lot of money doesn't mean that you can't make the most of it. It's as close to free advertising as you can get so just like any advertising space, use it wisely.
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