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Using Ezines To Promote Your Website

Jan 20, 2008
An ezine is essentially an internet magazine or newsletter. Ezines already have a huge subscriber list of targeted people that you can send your message to. These are subscribers that have requested that the ezine be e-mailed to them so they are highly targeted.

Ezine advertising is an effective method of driving targeted traffic to your website and increasing your sales. This form of website promotion is something that many beginners either do not know about or just overlook.

Even if you are not a beginner, if you are not getting the sales results you are wanting with your current website promotion methods, then ezine advertising is for you. This strategy is commonly used by successful internet marketers everyday. In fact, some website owners use this method exclusively with great results so it's potential cannot be underestimated.

To find advertising opportunities do a search for ezines that are directly related to your niche market. A search for "ezine advertising" will return thousands of different ezines. There are plenty of ezine directories and search tools available so you will have no trouble finding any. When you have done this, target the popular ones that have a large subscriber list.

A subscriber list of at least over 1000 or higher is best. You want your ad exposed to as many people as possible. Choose a few ezines that are within your budget. Choose the SOLO AD option. Ezines offer different types of advertising opportunities but the SOLO AD is the best because you get to send you ad to the entire list of subscribers all by itself. The ad space is not shared with anyone else so you get the subscribers undivided attention.

If you need help writing your ad, review other ezine advertisements to get ideas and examples. Think about the group of people that you are trying to attract when you are writing the ad. Focus on the people who would most benefit from your product or service. Your headline should attract attention and curiosity. Asking questions and using action words are most effective. Include the major benefits and features of your product or service in your ad.

Free is a commonly used word that attracts attention so try using it where appropriate such as when you have a free ebook or ecourse to offer. Keep your ad short and specific, as you will be limited in the amount of space that you will be allowed to use. Give the reader some direction as to what you would like them to do. For example, click here, sign up here, or visit this.

It is advisable for you to track the effectiveness of each ad you submit so that you know which ones are producing the best results and you can quickly abandon the ones that do not produce. Ezines produce good results but your results will vary depending on your headline, content, and overall structure of the ad. You should continue to test and modify your ads to find out what works and what doesn't.

Use ad-tracking software to assist you in tracking the effectiveness of your ezine ads and any other forms of advertising that you are using. It will save you a lot of time and money by helping to quickly identify the your most effective advertising strategies.
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