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I Lost My Job On April Fools Day & Found A Way To Earn Income & More - Home Business Income Opportunity Success Story

Jan 20, 2008
Yes, on April Fool's day this past year, my boss came up to me and stated that my job was no longer needed. I was greatly shocked, especially after nearly 20 years of loyal service to a company where I thought retirement would be the only reason to leave.

I came down to reality quickly realizing that in a few short sentences, I was no longer able to support my family, provide shelter, pay bills and look forward to my retirement. I was very depressed as one can imagine. The drive home at 10 AM was not at all common; it felt out of place just as the whole morning had come to pass.

The realization that I had enough savings to secure about 60 days of support for all our financial needs was falling short. For years there were always people coming up, and stating "Mike you need to get ready for any emergencies". The thought was passing, but I had worked devoted to a company that seemed to have no end, so what would ever happen. I had more than enough life insurance to take hold incases of death, yet now, how was I going to even pay the premium? WOW, what an eye opener for a reality check. My wife was home, she was off on Monday's. Her normal routine was to what she has done for our 25 years of marriage, house chores, groceries, and take care of her matters at hand.

I opened the door, walked in and she stood in the kitchen. She obviously was curious why I was home? The words came out "I was just fired". She quietly went into the living room and I could tell she was upset. Tears came to my eyes as well as hers, and we talked together. We had no solutions; the same questions came up from my wife, as that had just passed thru my mind on the 30 minute drive home from my employ.

In depression, many things came up in my mind. I could end my life, that would provide for my wife and kids, yet that would be cheating myself, and those who did care and love me. No, I would not take a cheap route out of my situation. It took about a week to get my thoughts cleared enough to really focus on how I would pull out of this temporary set back in my life.

I found and updated my resume, forwarded it electronically to literally hundreds of job sites. In fact, I considered sending out résumé's out of state that would take me away from my family just so I could provide. There were no hits; emails were full of spam type offers that were not related to what I needed to provide for my family.

There were other options, which one was where could I go to work from home and make an income that would supplement or even surpass my earning from past employ? Yet, could I do this type of work, I had no experience, no knowledge with Internet Business. I started typing on word search thru the internet. I had literally hundreds of hits, sure was going to take some time to wade thru them, yet was determined to find a niche for making money.

It took about 2 weeks and had narrowed my search to one company. EDC came up several times as the choice. The program was easy to afford (3-levels of entry), even though my income savings were very limited I had to make the commitment. I went with EDC Gold. I had enough savings for approximately 2.5 months on a conservative note. When my mentor called, I committed to him what my plan was to be. I asked him several times, if this was a business that would bring in success, and more importantly income for my family. I was assured that yes, there was no reason that failure would come into the game plan unless I strayed from the step by step guidelines on how to market the business. I believed him, and I still do. The only reason I could fail is if I stop what I am doing.

It is a matter of what type of sacrifice will it take to do this, I in essence was going to be the Pig, who provided the bacon for breakfast. The chicken will also give, yet the egg. I dove head on into EDC. There is no way that I was going to fail. I wanted to in time, to be able to go into work and just leave after 20 plus years, and give no excuse/reason.

The business EDC Gold could be worked from home at my own hours, and the potential was great! Since my youth, I watched my Dad and how he provided, and sure it may have been tough on him at times, we always had food, and shelter. I was going to survive, I was going to continue to provide everything that my family deserved and that was that.

I made the choice. I went to an EDC Registration site, signed in and all started so very fast. I did not know anything about Internet Marketing period. The concept was completely foreign, as if trying to understand and write a language that I had no idea what it meant. EDC had promises in writing in more than one area about support, and step by step guidance, and more of the same. I went with my gut instinct that I was going to make everyone at EDC come through on that promise. Guess what, they did everything as promised. I received 3 websites, tools, software, capture pages, email response, online training, and so much more, even online live support Monday thru Fridays.

It was after 2 weeks of no employment I was offered a lower job position at the same company that just removed me from my prior position. This position was better than nothing, even though it was a humbling experience to say the least. I was a supervisor, delegated over 40 employees at one point, now I was greeting customers as they walked into the place of business. The loss of pay was nearly $30k a year less, Wow. I still worked with the same people whom I used to be a Supervisor.

The 20-30 minute drive home now is not so bad now. I get home about 7 PM, after leaving for work at 7 AM, and eat. Then, it is off to start up my computer; I then go through a routine that I apply for generating traffic to my web site. I place ads, market research, and send emails till about 11:30 PM every night. The weekends are full days, doing the same routine as my week day stuff, but more research, more ad submitting and more emails. All in all I put in about 20 hours plus per week, yet do not get tired of this type of work for some reason?

It has been nearly 4 months since I have registered with EDC. I have learned more about marketing, and making websites, and directing traffic to my website than I ever thought I would know. I was hoping when I paid to sign up, that I would have thousands of internet dollars in my bank account within a few weeks as I have been told that some people have, yet not in my case as of date. It takes time to understand Internet Marketing, for me, I am still learning. Yet, the training, support that is given to me is incredible.

Yet, in fact, in past 4 months thru Aweber, I have 180 signed opted in registered people who are looking for supplement income. Also, in same time also, I have 53 people who registered as my down line with EDC "WOW". The money will come, if all sign in paid, will be lots of $$$'s in commission to me and my family. I put a counter on my website, and in past 120 days have had over 4800 visits to my site. I am amazed, and even if there are no immediate sales, I have learned that there is a way to survive even if one has no experience in a certain field like the internet. However, I feel being consistent on a daily routine bases will bring business in which in turn will help my family.

The owners of EDC, and my mentor all promised success if you follow their way to make this program work. I do thank Craig and Michael, and Shay for having this opportunity to learn, and earn with their proven business plan.

Thanks for allowing me to share with you my story.

Michael B. Amos
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