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Why Should You Start A Home Based Business?

Jan 20, 2008
If you have selected this article, you are probably one of two types of people: A home based business owner (part time or full time), or you are thinking about starting a home based business. So why a home based business? Are there benefits?

Ask any group of people what they think of when you mention a home based business and you will get many different answers.

Getting out of bed at whatever time you want and checking email in your pajamas. Working your own schedule. Perhaps being anti-social. Or being even more social because of your flexible schedule. No traffic worries! No Boss! These are just a few, but I'm sure that you can come up with a few on your own. Most people only think of the surface and emotional reasons when pondering a home-based business.

So then, why? Why start a home based business? Emotional reasons are ok because they provide motivation, but they don't provide the basic foundation. Everybody that is thinking about a home based business has their own reasons.

Here are a couple of significant reasons:

Tax Savings: Right from the start, you can realize the some very good tax advantages by working from home even if you only start part-time while keeping your current job. Working from home allows you to write off as tax deductions many things you would normally be paying for. For example, a home office could allow you to write off the following items as deductions: A computer, your internet access, a percentage of your rent or mortgage for your home office, a percentage of your electric bill, some of your phone bill, or cell phone bill, car expenses (mileage or itemized gas, maintenance, etc), anti-virus software, etc. These are just a few. The average home business owner could save two thousand dollars or more on their taxes just by simply starting a home based business that's just tax savings! If more people were aware of the tax implications of having your own business, many of them would take a more serious look at starting a business of their own.

Security: Security?? Yes, security. One huge misconception that today's society has is that starting your own business is risky, and that holding down a steady job will provide the financial security they need throughout their lives. Sadly, more and more people are finding out the hard way that this is not true. The industrial revolution in the early part of the last century gave society the idea of job security. This idea is now long gone. It is to your benefit to wake up and be honest with yourself about where we are headed with the job market.

We all have heard the stories about manufacturing going to China. You can hardly buy anything NOT made in Chine today - in fact, you almost have to go out of your way to NOT buy products mde in China. Guess what - thse products used to be made right here in the USA. Not anymore! All thse jobs - gone. Programmers and help desk technician jobs are gone to India now. Yup - you guessed it - they used to be here. Are you seeing a trend? Many large corporations are using the slave labor in other countries for their own profit my friend.

The average employee stays with the same job an average of 2 years. Companies are automating, outsourcing, and forever cutting dead weight in an understandable effort to keep business going.

Alternatively, those that have their own businesses -done the correct way - are not at the mercy of the job market. They are free to write their own paychecks, and if they run into a financial bind, they have the knowledge to generate more income quickly through their businesses and contact lists.

It is quite an amazing fact.

But here's the catch: You must not only learning how to start a business from home, but how to do it properly. How to design it and solidly build it so that whatever amount of income you generate - whether it is $1,000 per month or $10,000 per month - your business provides a solid, continuous, monthly income - not one that veers out of your control.

Tax Savings and Security - just two excellent reasons to start your own business. Dig deeper and discover your own reasons and passions within you. Learn how to turn those passions into a viable business. That's when it gets exciting and fulfilling!

At this point, hopefully you are thinking about the possibilities of starting your own home based business!
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Ron Fugitt is a Home Based Business consultant and coach from Missouri, USA. For more information about this subject and related home business topics, please visit
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