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The Boon and the Bane in Outsourcing

Jan 20, 2008
Youve heard about internet marketers and outsourcing contractors who provide different kinds of services from helping out companies with their computer programming to writing marketing copies of the companies. There are also individuals, organizations and websites that offer services in ghost-writing, in hosting websites as well as developing them, auto responding to messages, building links and lists, as well as managing subscription from different services.

This is all very good for the Internet marketer who wants to enjoy the best of outsourcing. In fact, through outsourcing, it is now highly possible to have a lean organizational structure without personnel that deal with different specialized tasks. Why hire
employees when you can outsource those services?

Instead of a hierarchical organizational structure and a bloated workforce, the company can instead focus on the core tasks of the company. These tasks, which are directly related to the generation of revenue, are called mission critical tasks. By being focused on this area, the company can expect better results and growth in a shorter period of time.

There are also banes that an internet businessperson has to consider. He or she cannot stay awake for twenty-four hours everyday of the week. Since businesses do not stop in the Internet regardless of the time, there are problems that occur at night time or even during those times that the Internet professional is not looking.

To prevent this from occurring, the freelancers and the contractors in which an organization has relationship with should be aware of what they have to deliver and what the consequences of failure are. This way, they are more constrained to provide good service at all times of the day. A downtime of one day may be acceptable. However, if it is taking a week or several weeks before the problem is solved, then the organization needs to look into the contract and what needs to be done to make up for the lost time and more seriously, lost customers. The problem becomes even more confounded if the service is pre-paid since the contractor or provider already has your money.

To mitigate these kinds of risk and ensure that operations are up and running, there should be an effective means of reporting errors and tracking them down.

These problems and technical errors may be labeled according to their seriousness and their impact on the business. A higher level of criticality should therefore receive the highest attention from the contractors and will help ensure that customers are happy, satisfied and retained for future business relationships.

As much as possible, the types, rates and specifications of the services to be delivered by the contractors should be written down to avoid conflicts and possible errors. This is also a means of ensuring that the contractors will deliver their end of the bargain.

By maximizing your use of the Internet and minimizing the risks, the returns of your online business becomes greater. Management should therefore establish means through which the boons and the banes of outsourcing can be managed effectively.
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