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InterNetwork Marketing: Four Reasons to Take Your MLM Business Online Now

Jan 20, 2008
If you want your network marketing business to succeed in today's world, you have to learn how to use the internet. For most people that means sending emails and referring prospective customers to their MLM company's generic website. That is a recipe for a stagnant business that goes nowhere. InterNetwork Marketing, on the other hand, is a dynamic method of applying powerful marketing principles to your unique online presence.

As a practical concept, InterNetwork Marketing was first developed by two separate people, each one a giant in their respective field. One is a network marketing expert known as "Renegade Ann". The other is an internet guru named Dr. Ken Evoy. Together they have joined forces to teach "the little guy" (and the little gal) how to succeed in network marketing by integrating the powerful reach of the internet with proven and measurable marketing principles.

This may sound technical and cold but I assure you it is not. What Ann Sieg understands is that in order to build a strong downline in your network marketing business you need to create a warm inviting environment where your audience is captivated and motivated. What Ken Evoy understands is how to create an online business that brings interested and pre-sold prospects to your unique website. What Ann and Ken understand together is that InterNetwork Marketing is a practical way to generate highly qualified leads for your network marketing business and earn an income at the same time.

In December 2007 Ann and Ken did a series of free webinars where they provided valuable information, tools, resources, and steps to budget, plan and implement a successful website for your unique MLM business. Although they provided hours of great tips and steps to move your MLM into the online marketing world, I have found that the average home based business owner is too overwhelmed with the idea of "going online". So I am going to share with you four of the essential reasons why you should be taking steps today to get your network marketing business online.

1. Brand of One: Branding is a term used in the marketing world and is something everyone seeks to do with their business. By creating a unique website about YOU, your expertise, and your experiences, you are creating your "Brand of One". From a practical standpoint, your business revolves around you, not your products, not the company you work with as an "independent associate", but you as a brand of one and the information you provide. Whether you are promoting health care products, legal services, or discount memberships, as a website owner you are an educator, a consultant, and a solutions provider. Who you are counts and people will choose to do business with you more because of who you are rather than what you are selling. Your "warm market" is created simply by getting your genuine message and information on the internet for those highly motivated people doing searches right now for solutions to their problems.

2. Quality Content: Think about how you do searches on the internet. You are looking for information or a product because you have a problem that needs solving. As a website provider you are delivering expert information about how your MLM products or business opportunities solve problems. For instance, if you are like many network marketers who fell in love with their MLM company after the products solved their particular health condition, you can write an entire website about your experience. There are probably tens of thousands of people with the same health problem looking for an answer right this very moment. All you are doing is providing information on your website that you have researched or experienced yourself. A well structured content or theme based website on a topic of interest provides the platform upon which your business can thrive.

3. Trust based relationship: Guys may not like to use the term "relationship", but that's exactly what searchers online are looking for. When you have a decision to make, do you look up a topic in the dictionary or encyclopedia and base your next move on what you read there? No. We are human beings after all. We look for credible human sources that have expertise and ideally first hand knowledge about the problem we have. Not only can we relate to someone who has a shared experience, but with a website there is always a "Contact Me" form or email address provided so that questions can be answered and a trusting relationship developed. The amazing thing is that on the internet this can happen in a matter of minutes, months, or years. It doesn't matter because your website continues to build these trusting relationships 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You only respond to people when they approach you. By then they are indeed a very "warm" lead!

4. Proven System: Make no mistake, Ken Evoy and Ann Sieg know that to be successful in any business you need a system to follow and a method to capitalize on the learning (especially the mistakes and successes) of those that have come before you. Up until now, the MLM industry has relied on the method of calling people to introduce products or business opportunities. With over 145 million people registered on the Federal Trade Commission's Do-Not-Call List (as of September, 2007), do you really think this is an effective marketing method? These people are not only saying I do not want to be solicited over the phone, but they have taken active steps to prevent you from bothering them. It is time to honor those wishes and use an efficient system that will allow people to come to you. The system is InterNetwork Marketing and the proof is in the success it is bringing to network marketers all over the world.

Ann Sieg's Renegade Network Marketer is a system that many people are using to take control of their businesses, whether online, offline, service or retail. The system has information of value to anyone looking to start, expand or improve their network marketing business. Ken Evoy's Sitesell, Inc., has a system which makes it possible for anyone to develop a content-based website to draw traffic, presell visitors, and provide methods of monetization.

InterNetwork Marketing is here to stay. The quality of your efforts will dictate the quantity of your results. My advice is to align yourself with people who have a track record and the results to prove it. It may be the most important decision you ever make.
About the Author
Lisa Hanfileti is an acupuncturist who believes in building relationships with integrity through consultative network marketing. Read her Free Ebook, "The 7 Great Truths of InterNetwork Marketing". It makes a great companion to Ann Sieg's Free Training Report for New Renegades.
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