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Outsourcing To Beat Your Competition

Jan 20, 2008
Some people make the wrong presumption that outsourcing is a commercial strategy suited only for large-scale businesses; and those companies that subscribe to the practice of Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) are industry giants with established names and multiple franchises wordwide. Not so, says many market experts. The outsourcing trend these days are apparently leaning favorably towards small to medium scaled businesses.

Twenty years ago, outsourcing and offshoring were strategies that were initially met with a lot of resistance and skepticism. Many businesses were concerned with the possible loss of control in the management or production department, the possibility of delayed, inefficient or poor work done and the seemingly likelihood of breaching company confidentiality. Other non-subscribing companies also frowned upon BPO practices altogether, citing that those who use this tactic were structurally inept. Over time, however, more structured contracts of agreements between BPO companies and overseas service providers have proven that these initial fears were undeserved, and outsourcing suddenly boomed at the turn of the century. The stigma against BPO also vanished.

It appears that BPO practices are now being considered in many companies previously thought to be impervious to outside help. Even fledgling business ventures are now being enticed to try outsourcing for a variety of reasons. However, cost-cutting (or at the very least, implementing a cost-efficiency measure) seems to be the number one reason for outsourcing. Often, the financial resources that these companies save from outsourcing are funneled to advertising or marketing or upgrades. If you are laying down the foundation of your company, or have an established company but would like to expand, you could try outsourcing as a way to have a leg up over your competition.

Outsourcing have multiple benefits which include: availability of skills not readily accessible within the company, availability of unlimited resources served within a short amount of time, extreme low cost as compared to in-house or local cost, guaranteed deliveries, high quality processes to ISO-9001 standards (when applicable,) no constraints of employment law for short-term needs, speed of development, and strong project documentation and management.

Your company can outsource almost any business transaction that is not directly linked to the core operation of your work like: accounting, client billing and follow-up, computer programming, computer training, data encoding, factory help, secretarial tasks, software decoding, payroll handling, product distribution, sales, telemarketing and even web design and development. By outsourcing part of your companys workload, you can save time, money and effort. Thereafter, you can focus more on how to beat your competition.

Think about this. Outsourcing frees you from a lot of onerous tasks like interviewing employee candidates, learning how to use new software, purchasing new equipments, training new employees, and filling out complicated employee paperwork like retirement plans, scheduling, tax forms, etc. Your company can expand without buying extra office equipment or renting a bigger work space or building new infrastructure, and you dont have to worry about the working details about your new employees.

Outsourcing can help your company complete and deliver large or larger orders faster; establish other business transactions with your subcontractors; and even expand your market share by becoming the middleman, offering your subcontractors services and products necessary for their business.
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James Stinson is Owner and Founder of Global Sky Inc. He employs a team of 50 in a high quality call center facility based in the Philippines. For more info on outsourcing your project visit: http://www.global-sky.com
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