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So How Does It Feel to Be a Game Tester?

Jan 20, 2008
The job of the video game tester is very lucrative these days. It is seldom that the passion is transformed into a job. While working as a video game tester one gets to play the video games, which are not even released. Moreover they are paid to have fun. The video game testers have to play the game and post their reviews on that particular game. They also have to come up with the ideas of making the video games more popular. The video game testers can work from home and make all the necessary interaction with the manufacturers through the Internet.

The video games industry is expanding heavily these days. Thus the opportunities for a video game tester are also increasing. The only criterion for the video game tester job is experience. Applying for a video game tester job though is an easy task but is time consuming. The first step is to post a profile on the Internet. The profile must be updated regularly regarding the various recent experiences with the video games. The manufacturers do not directly appoint the tester. First one has to buy membership of their online gaming websites. Then they get to play many of the games already been released by the manufactures. After a certain time the manufactures assess the quality of the gamer. Then only the video tester is officially appointed. Landing a job for the video game tester requires immense amount of patience.

Benefits of the job

The video game tester job does not require any educational qualification. So anyone armed with ample amount of experience in gaming can apply. The job is lucrative for more than one reason. The prime reason is that one can pursue their passion for gaming. It is like having fun at the workplace. Due to the nature of the work one can even continue with his other regular occupations. Another value added feature to this job is that the tester gets access to the unreleased games. Sometimes they get the full version of the unreleased games. The job of the video game tester is also monetarily promising. It often happens that the testers sell the full versions of the game they receive from the manufacturers.

The job of a game tester is gaining popularity among the gamers with each passing day. Thus with growth in the gaming industry the openings for the job is also widening.
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