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How to Effectively Market Your Website Offline

Jan 20, 2008
When you think about marketing your website, the majority of you ideas may all be internet-based. But there are many other ways that you can get your website out there without even using the internet. It may seem impossible, but many people are having success with their marketing efforts without even connecting to the internet. There are many great ideas, you just need to find what works best for you and your business.

One of the first places to start marketing your business's website is in the newspaper advertisements. If you feel like your local paper is not going to get you the hits you are looking for, try advertising in nationwide papers such as The Wall Street Journal or USA Today. These and other nationwide papers are read by over thousands of people daily and will get you the kind of traffic you are looking for quickly and easily.

Another great option is to look at all your signs and look into the cost of a billboard. In your town and other large cities you could post the billboards and put signs all around. If there is any type of sign outside your business location, post the website on that sign. When designing a website try and pick one that is easy to remember for all those who will look at the signs, etc.

Any printed material that you have should also include your website. Whether it be business cards or company stationary. If your company decides to print on hats, pens or even coffee mugs, add your website along with everything else. Every time that your customers look at that particular item, they should be reminded of your website.

Whenever you send out an e-mail to all those on your e-mail list, include your website at the bottom. Don't have an e-mail list for your customers? You can start creating one by collecting names and e-mails from all of your customers at your business location. If there is not much traffic at the business location, ask all of your employees to start collecting e-mail addresses from all of your clients. And don't forget to add your website address to every e-mail you send out.

One more idea is to leave your website address on you voice mail or other messaging services. That way if they can get a hold of you and need assistance, your website may be a great resource for them to get some answers. Put your website address on all outgoing faxes by placing in on the fax cover sheet. You should also invite all your employees to put the website on the signature part of their e-mails.

The first step you can make to start your off-line marketing ideas is to put away your doubts. Try a few different things and see what works best for your business. And be creative. There are much more ways to market your business if you can get good ideas.
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