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Why Internet Business Opportunity Needs Top Keywords For Maximum Income

Jan 20, 2008
This kind of internet business opportunity site optimization is easy to do, just compare the normal keywords with the list of top paying AdSense keywords and pick those which match.

But, why for AdSense too, you may ask? Well, because the more expensive Google AdWords PPC keywords you use, the higher is your AdSense income!

Finding and implementing high paying, low competition keywords ( effective KEI ) for your internet home business opportunity page really is the way to make Adsense payoff big amongst other internet home business. opportunities.

So when the target is to optimize your internet home business site for both the search engines and for the AdSense, we have to use two key figures in our keyword research: KEI figure and the PPC price from Google AdWords.

1.Open Google AdWords Account If You Do Not Have One.
At your account, go to the Traffic Estimator and write your selected keywords and research, which are the top paying keywords at Google AdWords marketplace. You may remember that AdWords is a real time auction, so the prices can vary from time to time.

However when you submit your internet business opportunity keywords, Google will give you estimates of PPC and of the number of daily clicks. The higher the price, the bigger will be your share!

2. Multiply AdWords CPC By 1,3 To Get Your Earnings Estimate.
From the Traffic Estimator you can see, what are the top paying keywords and how much clicks they get per day.

It is important to research the estimates for 8 top paying keywords, because that shows how your internet business keywords can stand the real situation. On the top of high regular CPC, check that the CPC does not drop off significantly after the 3rd position because that may decrease your possibilities to get high click earnings as an Adsense publisher.

3. Research How Much The Price Drops From Top To The 8 Position.
If the price decreases a lot from the 1 position down to 8, it most probably means that you have a danger to loose some of your internet business opportunity income with that particular keyword.

Profitable AdSense keywords have a slight difference between the top and the 8 position keyword prices. This means good news for the income of your internet home business.

4. Research The Google Result Page.
Research what AdWords ads are placed on the page of your keyword and what are their positions? Google Accelerator is a great tool to automate this work. It shows, what AdWords ads are found when your internet business keyword is entered.

5. Make A Comparison Between The Keywords And The Ads.
When you have the internet home business opportunity keywords and the AdWords ads, you can compare them easily.

The key is, that when the advertisers you just found out and the results from point 4 are similar, you just found out a profitable AdSense keyword and a good one for search engine optimization too. Win win, how nice!
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