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Contact Centers and the Philippines

Jan 20, 2008
The Philippines has been one of the favorite destinations of companies all over the world to provide contact center services. And why not, contact centers in the Philippines have proven that it has the capacity to deliver excellent customer service and maintaining the level of service agreed upon by the contact center company and its clients. Whether in the area of sales, customer service, technical support and other kinds outsourced customer service, the Philippines is a booming destination for companies in the United States, Australia and Europe for outsourcing customer service support.

The contact center companies, however, are only as good as their contact center agents. Having been under the tutelage of the United States for more than fifty years, the Philippines can easily adapt to the cultures of different nations, particularly English-speaking nations. Its citizens can readily speak English. While, training might be needed to deal with problems with accent and pronunciation, Filipinos can easily adapt culturally to Americans, as well as other nationalities.

In addition to this, the Philippine government has expressed its support to the contact center industry and outsourcing in general. Hence, it has created special economic zones to cater to call center companies servicing companies abroad. Depending on the area chosen by the contact center companies, they may enjoy tax breaks as well as favorable treatment by the government.

The labor in the Philippines is also cheap. By deciding to outsource customer service, companies can generate thousands and thousands of savings on labor costs. If the contact center is located in the Philippines, savings generated in labor costs would be great considering that Filipino contact center agents are paid less than half than their counterparts in developed countries. Such level of income, however, is already big in the economic setting of the Philippines. The savings generated from outsourcing can then be diverted to other company activities, which can help the company expand and improve its products and services.

Outsourcing in general, and contact centers in particular, have become part of the economic landscape of the Philippines. Through the revenues generated from these industries, the Philippines is able to sustain its economic growth. Although there may be other reasons for its growth, outsourcing has truly provided an important positive impact to the economy of the Philippines.

On the part of Filipinos, working on a contact center has become an alternative to going abroad. Why work abroad when you can earn the same level of income at home. College level students and young graduates are lured into the contact center industry because of the good pay as well as the good prospect for career growth over the long term.

There are a number of countries hosting contact centers nowadays, yet Philippines is being considered as one of the most preferred ones. And why not? The Philippines is a great place to establish a contact center. Its location in Southeast Asia is good and its citizens can easily adapt to different cultural situations that they are in. In the area of customer service, this is of paramount concern.
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James Stinson is Owner and Founder of Global Sky Inc. He employs a team of 50 in a high quality call center facility based in the Philippines. For more info on outsourcing your project visit: http://www.global-sky.com
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