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Get Rich Online, I've Heard That Before!

Jan 20, 2008
Making a living from home and setting your own hours seems like a dream scenario. The truth is 95% or so of internet MLMers or marketers fail. Heck 95% of online business fail in the first 2 years. Yet people keep on trying.

I looked into a few, but nothing caught my eye, you know the feeling when you go into the store and have money to spend, but you leave empty handed. Now, in the next store you find, oh I don't know, something very special to you. For me it would a new golf club, and you just have to buy it, because you know it will help your game, it says so on the display rack.

If you are looking to invest online, or start an internet business, you probably have that feeling. Some may just say what the heck and buy something they actually dont want. This adds to the 95% failure rate, or what if you buy in with your credit card, and have no more money to invest in autoresponders or adwords.
Then you may have just added to the 95% failure rate of get rich wannabes.

The last time I checked, somewhere around 45% af marriages fail in the first 2 years. 60% of offline business' fail in the first 2 years. 95% of online business' fail in the first two years. What is my point you may be asking, well I hate to say this, but it does come to mind. You just can't help some people, as they refuse to put in the effort required or simply got advice from the wrong place. Now on the other hand, some people fail due to circumstances beyond their control. Such as a hurricane or wild fire wipes out all the houses in your area, or even wipes out your business and the insurance does not cover enough money to start it back up.

I feel that the same type of person who fails online would also fail offline. You need to put in effort. So many times, people call me up and ask why they have not made any sales. First you need to do the training, and second you have to advertise, and with so many free advertising places online, there is no excuse. So I say this, if you are looking to invest, or start a business online or offline, please be aware of the work involved. The top earners are ontop because they worked their hands to the bone, and then used the profits to pay for advertising.

With that in mind, how hard can it be to get on top of the MLM or Network Marrketing ladder. Get rich schemes hardly ever work, so try to find a legitimate business where you can make you investment back within 1 or 2 sales. Of course thats online. Offline, well a 2-4 year return would be nice, but it sure is alot more work offline, to make less money. Usually. So unless you have $250,000 + or - to invest in a money making offline business, why not look into a few online. With todays internet, $400-$2500 investment could turn into $10,000 - $25,000 for the avgerage MLM -er or Network Marketer. Why not check one out today. And start your own online business
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Rick Lim enjoys playing lots of golf, and helping others succeed offline and online.
Find out how Rick went from a mechanic to 3 hour a day online marketer with no experience.
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