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Qualities That Candidates For Military Jobs Should Possess

Jan 20, 2008
Can you see yourself serving your Queen and country? Do you have the dedication to undergo a gruelling training regime to fulfil this desire? If so jobs in the military could be for you. Whether it is the navy, air force, army or the ministry of defence military jobs are rewarding and give you the knowledge that you are doing to protect your home nation. Could you handle this responsibility?

The military and defence industries are one of the largest employers in the country. From taking in recruits for armed service or employing the best brains to plan strategy and develop cutting edge technologies, jobs within the military are numerous. What kind of job you get in the military is ultimately your choice, whether it is flying fast jets or being at the wheel of a multi-million pound warship, if you have the determination you can get any of these jobs.

For those who have graduated the three armed forces will take on any graduates, specific degrees such as medicine and engineering will gain you specific military jobs such as royal engineer or field doctor. Purely having a degree however is not an easy ticket, the armed forces are not just looking for anybody, the military want a recruit that matches their criteria.

It is not just your intellect that will lead into military jobs; the armed forces want a candidate who is healthy, in terms of their mind and their soul. Fundamentally they want leadership qualities; they will look for sporting achievements in your CV as these show leadership and other transferable skills that apply to the military sphere.

To make it more likely to gain jobs within the military it is advisable to join the university training corps and prove yourself to be active in sporting events. Other great ways to become appealing to forces recruiters is to undertake jobs for the student's union such as planning and organising events. The ability to organise and lead a team of people is a quality that the military will be able to utilise.

Fundamentally the military are looking a candidate who is committed. Those who begin looking into military jobs just as they are leaving university are usually overlooked. Apparently doing this does not show the qualities of initiative, influence or ambition needed for jobs in the military. They want someone who has not just drifted through the rigours of university life but someone who has strived throughout their education and made the most of the opportunities offered to them.

Leadership is not the only quality that military recruiters are looking for. An equally important facet to your personality should the ability to support colleagues and work within a team. A great way to do this is to chair a committee or become a president of a society. Stretching yourself in all aspects of life is also advisable, this may be physically in sport or expedition, but equally may be something intellectual like starting a business while at university.

While at university it is advisable to contact your military liaison officer early on. Firstly this will show your commitment to entering service but also give you a good idea of the jobs available to you when you finally graduate. Pre- graduation activities organised by the military recruitment services will further show your dedication to signing up.

Jobs within the military are in no doubt challenging, physically, mentally and emotionally. Recruiters want candidates that will not be daunted by the challenging nature of military work. It is precisely the desire to tackle the challenge head on that the recruiters are looking for. Energetic candidates with a great deal of determination should seriously consider jobs within the military sphere.
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