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Catering Jobs; Not For The Faint Hearted

Jan 20, 2008
With the ongoing growth in the service industry catering jobs are becoming increasingly available. With a wide range of job roles they offer those with good people skills the chance to present their attributes and provide exceptional customer service. Management jobs are widespread in the catering industry and offer the best chances of career progression; although those with a flair for cooking may want to enter the practical side of the catering profession.

Mangers in the catering profession must utilise a variety of skills, jobs include recruiting staff members, leading a team, planning menus whilst all the time ensuring health and safety standards are met. Financially they must also undertake the administrative records, keep a close eye on stock levels and manage the payroll. Fundamentally however catering managers must perform the 'front of house' jobs, liaising with customers and being the perfect host.

The catering industry includes management jobs within public houses. Like catering managers they must perform a large number of tasks. Once again health safety is a crucial element of these types of jobs while fulfilling your legal requirements as a licensee is also a big responsibility. Customer focus, as in most of the catering industry is the primary concern for public house managers; without a good set of regular customers it is difficult to etch a niche into this highly competitive industry.

The primacy for customer care is crucial in the restaurant industry; this element of the catering industry can include some of the most lucrative jobs. It is once again highly competitive but with a hard working attitude these types of job can be extremely rewarding.

Managing a restaurant like many of sectors in the catering industry involves scheduling shifts, recruiting and great organisation skills to maximise profits. Stocks are of vital importance as wasted stock is money down the drain. Many enter management jobs in the restaurant trade but it is only a small number who can be considered truly successful.

With catering chains and brewing companies, area management jobs are available. In these jobs the responsibility is stepped up as area managers are in overall charge of a number of businesses. The job role includes a lot of travel around your specific area and a great deal of meeting with house managers to discuss profits and proposed action plans. Being responsible for so many businesses it is vital in these types of job to have an adept business mind and see opportunities for profit at all times.

Not all jobs within the catering industry however are in management. The ideal way to begin in the industry is to start as a low level employee. Here it possible to gain experience first hand at the grass roots level. Relating with customers every day as a low level employee is a great way to understand what patrons expect from a catering service and can put you in good stead if career progression is your ultimate goal.

Becoming a chef is often seen as a vocation but without the cooking jobs the catering industry would grind to a halt. It takes years of training to become a good chef and while you may have to slave away as a 'commis' for a number of years it is a career path in which you will never stop learning. Stressful and often with long hours cooking jobs are demanding at all times; pride in your work and the ability to work in a logical manner are essential in becoming a quality chef.

Jobs within the catering industry all have customer care as their principal focus. This can be seen as 'the name of the game' in the trade as without customers and a good reputation for quality and service you will never make money in the catering business. Long hours and stressful situations are rife in the industry but with dedication anything is achievable. One thing is for sure; catering jobs are not for the faint hearted.
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