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Creating a Paperless Business is Possible

Jan 20, 2008
If you are tired of paying for paper, filing paper, sending paper, recycling paper, and shredding paper to ensure that everything is just so you aren't alone. In fact many businesses today are fed up with the amount of paper that they are using, not to mention the expense of all of the paper that is being used. If you are tired of dealing with all of the paper, it is possible to start running a paperless business. The process of transitioning will take some thought and adjustment, but it is possible.

Ways to Reduce or Eliminate the Use of Paper

The first way to reduce the use of paper in your business is to stop using a fax machine. Fax machines are old news and you can now use online fax services that will send everything electronically. With this type of system you don't have to print out every fax that comes in, instead you can file the electronic copies on your hard drive so you can reference them later if needed. Eliminating a fax machine will instantly reduce the amount of paper that you are currently using.

Another way to reduce or eliminate the use of paper in your office is to be sure that all inter office communications are done electronically. This can be done by email, voice mail, with pagers, or through PDA's, as all of these are viable ways to communicate with one another that do no require paper.

In addition to this, any reports are shared between employees should be shared electronically, which means that one simply needs to email reports to other employees or to put them on a business intranet where everyone can access the information. This will cut down on the use of paper by more than most people realize as many businesses go through many reams of paper each day simply by printing out their reports that people may or may not actually read.

If your business needs to market another way that you can help reduce the use of paper in the office is by making strides to make marketing efforts as electronic as possible. There is no longer a need to print out fliers and that sort of thing, instead take the initiative and consider marketing on the company website or through emails. This has proven to be a very effective way to market and will do away with the excess amounts of paper that you are using.

As you can see, there are some really simple ways to reduce the amount of paper that is being used in any office. Again, the transition will need some thought, but it is very possible to do this. You will need to get some things in place before you do away with paper altogether such as an electronic filing system and online fax system, but the effort will be more than worth it. You'll save time, money, and of course the aggravation that comes along with using so much paper.
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