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Holiday Rep Jobs; More Than Just Free Travel

Jan 20, 2008
Many see holiday reps as being placed on the lowest rung in the travel jobs ladder; as some of the lowest paid work in the industry this probably accurate. However as they are on the front line of customer service, these jobs often carry huge responsibility in upholding a travel agency's reputation. Seen by many as jobs for slackers, this view could not be more wrong; the work involved in being a holiday rep includes long hours and having to seem happy at all times.

The upside to this these types of travel jobs is that they allow employees to escape the monotonous nine till five routine and more importantly, if living in Britain, the ghastly weather. Reps meet a lot of people and become part of a social scene and resort community with those who already have jobs in the area.

Another bonus to these jobs is the great deals you as a rep will receive. Cheap food and drink, often at a discount or even free is available as you get to know those in other travel industry jobs. Free club entry is usually a prerequisite and if your travel agency is kind enough, excursions away from the resort will be free of charge also.

Commission is also a large aspect to these travel jobs. By signing tourists up to excursions and car hire services you can bolster your meagre pay. There are also many different areas where the jobs available practically open up the whole world for travel. Ski in the winter or go long haul to the Caribbean, only to return from the summer season in Europe; it is truly a year round job.

The downsides to being a rep are there however; at times jobs in the travel industry can be relatively stressful. Most reps agree that the first six weeks are the hardest, factors such as home-sickness, settling in and getting to know the roles of the job make this initial period difficult. Perseverance at this point is essential as all these issues will eventually pass and allow you to enjoy your job totally.

Jobs within this sector of the travel industry also carry an inherent responsibility; unfortunately it is not all fun and games. As the person in charge of large groups of people issues such as minor illness and serious accidents will have to be dealt with. Unfortunately even death may be something you have to deal with when working as a rep; thankfully such instances are rare.

Added to these unforeseen circumstances is the hectic work load involved in these rep jobs. As well as the booking of excursions and ensuring your guests are all happy (a time consuming process), there are the many flights that have to be met. This largely depends on the resort where you are based but some resorts have up to ten flights a day and often go into the early hours. Hanging around the airport at three in the morning then greeting the weary travellers in an upbeat and lively way is not always the easiest of tasks.

Many reps have highlighted the extreme levels of stress in these types of travel jobs due to the complaints that have to be dealt with. It is sure that some guests will always complain but if you do the job properly it balances out with guests that give praise. This can be viewed as one of the most rewarding aspects of being a rep; being thanked for your services as a guest leaves is infinitely satisfying.

Overall the good outweighs the bad; many who become reps purely to gain a free holiday find themselves in the holiday industry for life, as they begin to enjoy their jobs. Granted the appeal of being out of the country for extended periods of time is great, but it takes determination to really succeed in this field of the travel industry.
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Recruitment expert Thomas Pretty studies the work of holiday reps and views these travel jobs as a worthwhile career path. To find out more please visit http://www.newfrontiers.co.uk/
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