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3 Tactics Affiliate Marketers Can Use to Make More Money Online

Jinger Jarrett
Jan 21, 2008
As an affiliate marketer, it is sometimes much easier to make money online. After all, you don't have to focus on product creation or customer service. Once you build your affiliate website, or sites, then you can simply focus on marketing those sites and then collecting the paychecks.

Although there are many tactics you can use to increase the size of your affiliate paychecks, here are three that will help you quickly boost your affiliate commissions:

These three tactics are:

1. Create a unique page to promote each of the affiliate products that you are selling.

Each page should be optimized for the search engines, and you should write a keyword rich review of the product. Include the product name in the title, as well as in the body of the review. Often searchers will search for a product by name, and this can really help you with your search engine rankings.

Learn as much about the product as you can before you write your review, and buy the product if you can. You'll write a better review because you'll know things about the product that the average affiliate doesn't know. Testimonials from customers, photos of the product, and articles about the topic the product is related to will also help support your review.

Internet searchers also love reviews because it's a chance for them to find out more about the products they are interested in buying.

Although it's a lot more time consuming to create a unique page for each product you are promoting, in the long run, it's a lot better for your business because you have more to offer than the average affiliate.

2. Build a list by giving away free reports.

Most affiliates don't bother to build a list, and so they have to work harder to get traffic instead of simply recycling the traffic they have. Also, because they tend to use the ads and other promotional materials that the merchant offers, instead of creating their own, they lose their opportunity to be unique and make the sale.

If you can write a short report on your topic/affiliate product, you are way ahead of other affiliates. This is an opportunity for you to offer your potential customers more information, and it also gives them an incentive to join your list.

You benefit because it gives you an opportunity to recycle your traffic by allowing you to send multiple sales messages to your readers. Readers are more likely to buy if they have a relationship with you, and they've been exposed to the product offering more than one time.

3. Drive targeted traffic to your website.

The difference between targeted traffic and untargeted traffic is that targeted traffic usually comes from those who are looking for what you have to offer. They are more receptive to buying.

In addition to search engine optimization, you can also write articles to submit for publication on article directories, as well as ezines. Since most ezine directories don't accept articles with affiliate links in them anymore, it's crucial that you have your own website.

Try to write at least two articles per week, and make sure they are at least 300 to 600 words. Write and submit consistently as this is the easiest way to ensure a steady flow of traffic to your site.

Although there are many tactics you can use to increase your affiliate commissions, I have found these three to be some of the most highly effective. Although they do take some time to implement, they will help you substantially increase your profits from your affiliate business.
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