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Harnessing And Maximizing The Power Of The Workforce

Jan 21, 2008
There comes a time in every small business when it is time to look past the help of friends and family and actually delve into hiring personnel. In some cases this comes sooner rather than later in the business' development, yet the inevitability of this step lends credence to the notion that each and every entrepreneur needs to learn how to successfully harness and maximize the power of the workforce he or she will eventually hire. If you have ever entered a store and noticed workers that seemed to mill around aimlessly and were not busy at all, then you will have come face with the danger sign that spells low morale, decreased productivity, and quite possibly also a general malaise brought on by employee dissatisfaction. While you may hope that this will never occur in your business, the truth of the matter is simply that the fresh faced applicant with the crisp resume and the hopeful look when facing you during the interview will at some point, sooner or later, have the potential to turn into a lackluster, inattentive, dissatisfied, and also less productive worker.

When harnessing and maximizing the power of the workforce you have hired, you will need to honestly assess the state of affairs in your business. Do not just go by gut feel but also take a look at the numbers. Confer with your senior management and get all the input you can before you decide on a course of action. Once the data is in and it is time to deal with the issues at hand, there are a number of steps needed to ensure that you will get the most out of each and every worker who is currently in your employ:

* Privately meet with the worker or workers whose work performance has slipped. Be mindful that this is not a performance evaluation or a shake up but instead a joined fact finding mission. The worker may not realize that her or his productivity is lacking; conversely there may be work environmental factors in play you may not be privy to. Tread lightly and give the worker the freedom to speak up and out without fear of repercussions. Come to a consensus with the worker what you, as the boss, can do to help the employee get back to his or her highest level of productivity.

* If the problem at hand is a lack of clear and detailed direction about how to perform a certain task, you will do well to ensure that the worker will receive both. This will require a certain level of time and effort spent on supervision, but in the end the outcome is well worth the extra effort. Should you decide that you do not wish to spend this additional time and effort, you will stand to lose an employee whom you have paid for to have hired and trained. While it is tempting to rather think of replacing the worker, it is wise to first try and give the clear and detailed instructions needed. When seasoned with specific praise for improvements achieved, you will have most likely turned around a dissatisfied and unproductive worker.

* On the flipside, if a highly motivated and skilled employee is subject to micromanaging by a supervisor her or his work performance will suffer. Seeking to place this worker with a more hands-off manager will once again allow the person to flourish and do their best for the business.
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