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Make A Career Transition? Change Your Mind Then Change Your Life And Start Your Internet Based Busin

Jan 21, 2008
Are you sick and tired of people "showing" you an income opportunity and then not demonstrating how you can earn an income with it using your situation? How many get rich schemes have you seen so far?

I hate to say it but you are just being charitable by giving your money to someone without getting an exact procedure that they used along with how it will be adapted for you to do what you have to do to make it work for you. We all start from different points in life and most times you do have to adapt for your current life's situation. If you don't then this is where the formulaic business book in a box approach falls off. You encounter something not in the plan and have no clue whether to avoid, ignore or attack it. You stumble for a while, give up and walk away. Another great idea, book, software left on the shelf.

Well to truly change your life you do need to change your mind. Start changing your mind today by applying a proven method. First, you research and look for proven business models that have stood the test of time. Then understand it, start to adapt and change your mind to take it all-in. Then get a hold of the business process and ensure you understand the step by step process that takes you to the long term goal. We don't go the moon or on vacation with out a map so why make a career change without a supporting process.

As we say, first map out a process for an internet based business by defining the supporting IOVC technology components. These components are internet, office, voice and clients. Use the internet as your website store front, ensure office automation to improve your back office, use your voice to reduce cost and ensure intimacy with your customer, and make it personal. Finally we say attend to your customers or clients because without a customer you will not have a business for long. You need a way to help manage them on an ongoing basis. An IOVC strategy and technology approach has a history with proven experience and a process attached because it is a set of standard tools applied systematically that have been use, combined and applied over time.

Applying the IOVC, internet, office, voice and customer focused strategy and technology process means you get an exact almost blueprint copy the components needed to make a success of the new business model you are considering.

Bottom line is don't let a few bad apples and negative experiences of the past cause an opportunity to learn something new, past you by. Take the time to learn about what may be your next great career transition. Find out exactly what you have to do in order to achieve your desired results. Then make sure you have someone along like a coach, consultant of past business owner to help you achieve your desired level of success.
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