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Why Having A Website For Your Business Is Not Enough

Jan 21, 2008
So, you have built a website; however, you simply are not getting the results you have been looking for. You are not getting enough traffic.

If you are getting enough traffic, that traffic is not being converted to sales. Why is this? Why is your website not producing the results you want?

Well, simply put, just putting a website up for your business is not enough, you have to make it work for you.

Here are some tips that can help you build a functional and profitable website.

1. Navigation. Your website needs to be easily navigated. Your visitors and potential customers need to be able to find exactly what they are looking for when they need it.

If you make your visitors hunt for anything, you can be sure that they will get frustrated easily and give up, which means you have just lost a potential sale.

Therefore, make sure that all pages connect with each other and can be navigated to and from any point of your website with extreme ease.

2. Professionalism. Your website must scream professionalism. It must have a professional look, feel, and design.

Your graphics should be clean and crisp, as well as appealing.

3. Lure Traffic. Make use of helpful advertising methods such as pay per click, AdWords, AdSense, and the like.

These are great methods of getting targeted traffic. Targeted traffic is crucial.

If you are in the business of cake decorating, you want those interested in cake decoration, confections, and other aspects. Someone looking for pet food will have no interest in this website.

Getting traffic is great, but if it is not targeted you are getting nothing but empty traffic.

4. Sales. To increase your sales, you need to increase your likability. This means you have to gain the trust of your visitors.

You can do this by prominently displaying your guarantee, privacy policy, and terms and condition statements.

5. Build Your Customer Database. You can get contact information of your potential customers to ultimately turn them into paying customers by offering them something for free.

Everyone loves free stuff. Maybe a free report based on your niche would be perfect. You would offer this free report, e-book, or other product on each page of your website.

At the same time, you want to place this in an area that contains text boxes designed to grab your customers name and email address at the minimum.

All of the above tips are perfect for increasing your traffic and increasing your sales, which is ultimately what you are looking for.

The success of your internet business depends on the success of your website.
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