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Help Your Downline Succeed Using 3 Easy Steps

Jan 21, 2008
These steps are compiled to help you and your downline to escape the never ending rut by opening your eyes to reality and showing you how to smart market.
Here they are in sequence

1. Get Back to Basics and Offer People Solutions to Their Problems
2. Face the Truth About Conventional MLM Strategies
3. Learn How to Market to Attract Your Own Leads

Get Back to Basics and Offer People Solutions to Their Problems

Teach your downline to keep it real! Most of us did not come into this business for the business side. We were customers first. We were seeking information that could help or solve our problems and we found it.

It may have taken several days, weeks, months or even years before we tapped into it, never-the-less when we needed the help our thoughts were directed back to those who offered us that solution.

For example, I received a tape through the post one day about minerals and anti-oxidants, with a letter explaining how they could support my health. At the time I didn't know much about nutritional supplements and didn't really care, because there was nothing apparently wrong with my health as far as was concerned I did not need anything. I shoved the tape into a drawer and forgot about it. (This is a lesson in itself, but not the point I am getting at here)

It may have been 6 months to a year before I remembered that tape, but only because I was developing arthritic symptoms. I got worried. I did not think that conventional medicine could help, so I remembered that tape.

The lesson. The tape held out a solution to my particular problem. Remember people are looking for solutions. They are looking for people to listen to them and show them the way to out of pain or any kind of problem. They won't believe all your hype but will believe if you show them how and why your solution works.

Face the Truth About Conventional MLM Strategies

Are you teaching your downline to "live the dream"? In the sixties people used to call that mind over matter. Does that stuff really work? In your dreams yes, but the only way you can turn your dreams into reality is to use proper marketing techniques and the majority of downline distributors never get this vital training.

Marketing the right way is almost like a fixed law. If you drop an apple, it won't go up because you will it to. Some might take me up on that, but now is not the time. Why do you think that McDonalds pours millions of dollars a year into marketing? Because it works!

Don't think just because McDonalds spends a lot of money on marketing aids that
drive traffic to their burger bars, that this strategy will work with you. I have spent so much on catalogues, brochures, tapes, flyers, cds, and videos just to watch them sit and collect dust.

To add to the misery, as soon as I console myself with, "Oh well, at least I'm stocked up for future prospecting", new catalogues, brochures, tapes, flyers, cds, and videos have replaced the old ones, making most of the sales aids I have in stock obsolete. I still have them today. Lot's of brand, spanking, new cds and pamphlets.

My upline were even involved in producing and selling some of these marketing aids themselves. Who's targeting who?

Learn How to Market to Attract Your Own Leads

Now we move into the area of lead markets. If I told you how much I had spent on leads compared to the narrow budget I was working with, you would banish me to never never land.

Ok, if you insist. I will give you a sample of the lengths I was going to, to get, what I had been assured, were quality leads, if you promise not to send me to never never land.

During one lead campaign I paid out 425 pounds for 2 batches of 10 leads at 21.25 pound a lead. What's that in dollars? About $800? I can just hear you! Whaaaat? Yup! I spent 800 smakaroons for a measly 20 leads that consisted of people who had just on the spur of the moment, filled out a form online about working from home. They had not the slightest idea of what the opportunity was about, and when they did, the first thing they asked was, "Is selling involved?"

Now what is it that our uplines keep telling us? You're not selling just sharing. Try telling that to these uninterested strangers on the phone without a whimper in your voice. Soon that bold, assertive composure you had built up with all the hype is diminished into a shady character that won't get to the point. Do you get my drift?

But is it not what all serious MLMers are taught to do when their "warm market" turns cold? It's common practice but it's lethal. Those marketing strategies don't work because they are not targeting your specific market. That is, those who are looking for YOU! People who have been pre-sold, are red hot, and ready to buy, knowing exactly what you are SELLING. That doesn't mean pitching your opportunity. It means selling yourself.

There are systems that can be put in place to help you and your downline do all this. All that's left for you to do is give the people what they need!
About the Author
Jamesina Goulbourne has struggled to make MLM for years. Now she acts as the Pied Piper to help lead everyone who cares to listen out of that sink hole. You can catch up on the other 4 points at her website and the learn the 7 Great Lies of Network Marketing www.downlineblues.com
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