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From Webmaster to Newsmaster: A New Generation of Content Development

Aug 17, 2007
If you have been tuned into the internet marketing world lately, then you have certainly heard about a new site called IMNewswatch. Within 9 days from launching their website, they reached the number one spot on Alexa's top "Movers & Shakers".

If you haven't seen it already, IMNewsWatch allows you to stay informed on all of the important internet marketing news without having to sift through a multitude of web sites and forums. This concept is known as NewsMastering and is increasing in popularity in today's world of information overload. The internet brings us instant information. Unfortunately, much of it is unfiltered. This problem has created an enormous opportunity for web masters to become news masters in their field.

First, let me give you a little bit of background on NewsMastering:

The RSS NewsMaster has become a new professional role online. They filter and aggregate the most popular and important news stories within a particular industry, delivering to you the very best content they find so that you don't have to waste your time searching.

As an end-user, we are able to quickly and efficiently acquire critical information and respond to key events quickly.

A NewsMaster filters through mountains of information to bring you the golden nuggets of knowledge that you seek.

In each and every niche, people are seeking the most important events and content within that particular topic. Because of this, becoming a NewsMaster is an incredible new publishing opportunity.

Benefits of Becoming a Professional NewsMaster:

As a NewsMaster, you become a news authority. You filter down content to provide your visitors with the very best information in your field. Because of this, you can quickly become the essential resource within your particular niche.

If your site fills a need within the marketplace, you could very easily be re-syndicated on a number of sites.

You become more credible, increase your visibility, and attract more attention.

You also increase your search engine visibility. By continually producing a stream of quality information, the search engines will quickly take notice of your web site. Because these news sites are constantly feeding the search engines new information, the search engine spiders frequent these sites very often. They are literally one of the hotttest buffets online for the search bots.

As a newsmaster, you can quickly build your brand. Newsmastering introduces you as an expert in your field because you are bringing people the very best information on a specific topic. If you want to become a recognized authority in your industry, becoming a NewsMaster is one of the quickest ways to gain your desired credibility.

Looking for new media relations? By becoming the ultimate source for news in a particular topic, you could very quickly start to form a number of online contacts. This network of relationships is extremely powerful.

Characteristics of a NewsMaster:

You must become the #1 content source in your industry requires an advanced set of skills.

To do this, you must have an in-depth knowledge of your topic, be an expert at using search tools, and master of RSS and a number of other online tools.

How to Get Started:

This article will not go into the technical details of newsmastering, but I would like to share with you the number one tool you need to get started.

MySyndicaat is the first newsmastering engine with one of the most complete tool sets to allow you to quickly move into the position of a NewsMaster.

This tool allows you to:

1. Aggreate multiple rss feeds into one new unique master feed.

2. Combine, mix, and organize a multiple number of RSS feeds, search results and HTML content in order to produce effective news masters.

3. Apply filters to any individual aggregate feed in order to zone in on quality information.

4. Generate multiple output formats including RSS and HTML.

5. Create a powerful alert system that can monitor any combined feed for unique keywords.

6. Publish Your Choice of News and Content in the form of RSS and HTML.

Although this is a powerful tool to help you filter information, you should always be the final filter of information that you publish. Nothing is more powerful than the human eye.

If you want to take your content to the next level, you can add additional information to news items, plug in your own comments and opinion, track the latest forum topics, and stay up-to-date with live events.

To achieve this level of authority, you must do some of your own research. Not all information is available in a feed.

Monetizing Your Feed:

Becoming a NewsMaster holds many benefits, including monetary incentives. Here are some ways that you can capitalize on your newsmastering abilities:

- Include contextual advertising in your feed and on your website.
- Charge a low subscription rate to access premium feeds.
- Place product reviews on your website.
- Incorporate RSSAds
- Allow other companies to sponsor your feeds.
- Create custom news feeds for third parties. (Once you learn the skills required to be a NewsMaster, you hold some extremely valuable assets. Why not offer this as a service to others?)

Want to become the go-to source in your particular niche? If you're looking to turn your website into a definitive thought leader and the best information source for news and development in your industry, then NewsMastering is definitely the way to go.
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