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Tips For Finding The Best SEO Company For You!

Jan 21, 2008
With so much business today coming from the Google search engine, no professional business can afford to be without the professional consultation when it comes to their search engine optimization. Take a note of some of the points you should look for when choosing the right SEO company for you.

Beware of Guarantees

If a company claims that it can give you the number one ranking on Google, don't trust it. The Google search engine uses very elaborate formulas to get the results it does, and someone stating that they can guarantee you the top slot, (especially if you are in a competitive field) is not to be trusted.

Don't Link to Your SEO

Don't trust the services of any SEO that states that you need to link to them to get the traffic that you need. More often than not, these are companies that will inflate your numbers with people who have paid pennies to click on your site, no matter what it is.

Look at Accreditation

What certification does your consultant hold? This is where it pays to do your research. There are many firms out there that offer SEO certification and they are most definitely not all created equal. Take a look at where your consultant got his or her certification and ask yourself how thorough it is.

Beware Secretive Consultants

While there are a lot of things to remember, many of the concepts of SEO work can be broken down very quickly for you. Don't trust someone who's secretive about what they are doing.

Watch Out for "Cheaters"

SEO consultants who immediately set out to trick the Google search engine don't last long; watch out for people who claim they can do just that.


Remember that if you are not satisfied with the quality of the work that you have received, you should not be forced to pay for it. A good firm will have options for remuneration available to you, with the assumption that you won't need to use it.

Word of Mouth

If you have a friend or a associate who had SEO work done, speak with them. What did they like about the experience? What would they have changed? This is especially relevant if they are in the same field.

Look for a Specialist

If you sell exotic birds, look for an SEO specialist who has some experience working with the sale of animals, exotic and otherwise. If you are in a niche business, it is of vital importance that you find the people who are looking for you. It might take some searching but make sure that your consultant is in a good place to work with you when it comes to your industry.

Professional Behavior

Remember that working with an SEO consultant is no different from working with any other professional. Does he do what he said he would? Does he respond to your questions in a timely manner?

Where Will Your Money Go?

If you are asked to buy advertising space, make sure that you know why. Where is your site showing up and what is the benefit to you? Some SEO companies will work more with pay per click and others work with content, so make sure you've found the right one for you.
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Ben Norman is the MD of UK search engine optimization company Impact Media Ltd, specialists in Search Engine Optimization . Impact Media work with a wide range of businesses helping them to make more money from utilizing the search engines natural & paid search results.
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