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Is It Wise To Increase Link Popularity Of Your Home Business Opportunity

Jan 21, 2008
There are many alternatives to increase link popularity: writing useful site content, asking from other related authority sites, creating content for the third party, social sites, social media sites and writing articles for directories.

But lets keep it simple! First, lets start by discussing why you should never buy links or swap links and then how should you increase link popularity successfully according to agreed strategy.

1.Never Buy Links.
Why? Because your business opportunity will suffer from paid links. The search engines want links, which are based on the content judgement, when someone puts the backlink on his site.

As a first search engine Google has started to punish sites, which use paid links, so buying links is riskier than ever. Google also punish sites, which sell links, so they take this issue seriously.

If your business opportunity uses paid links, your competitor can easily find it out and report Google, who will then turn them off.

2. Avoid Link Swapping.
If your business swaps links, its a barter deal: you put his link on your site, if he puts yours on his site.

This strategy is also pretty easy for the search engine to detect and devalue. You can always swap links with a small number of selected partners, but your SEO will not get the benefit.

If your internet home business opportunity uses lots of swap links in order to increase link popularity and the share of these links represent a large percentage of your total number of inbound links, you may have a problem and a lower ranking at Google.

3. How To Build Up A Linking Strategy?
Every internet home business opportunity has a target and a strategy, which sets the guiding for linking strategy.

The home business opportunity communication strategy includes the target audience and the ways how to reach it economically. But maybe the most important guideline sets the skills of the home based business opportunity owner and the promotion ways he has selected.

The nature of the competition can set targets for link building: if everybody is building links in your home business opportunity industry, should you also? Should you change links with the competitors?

Your internet home business opportunity should increase link popularity there, where the chances are and where the competition is not too tough or you can beat it. Think, what chances your competitors do not use, is there your opportunity.

As a rule we can say, that the quality is more important than the quantity. Smaller amount of good connections can bring much more, especially from search engines, than huge number of links from PR 0 sites. From the brand building angle, it is not wise to link certain sites.

4. How To Pick The Linking Strategy?
Your home business opportunity should start with the issues mentioned above. There is no simple formula, so it is better to brainstorm with fellows, because this is an important part of your communications mix.

KISS, keep it simple stupid! If the strategy is important, as important are the time and skills you have in use. You just cannot master many promotion strategies, so think carefully is linking a part of your strategy.

On the other hand, to increase link popularity takes time only during a learning period, but when you have done it, its done!
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