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Careers In The Industry Of Wine Making

Jan 21, 2008
Interested in starting a career in the wine making industry? Well if you are a laid back person, who enjoys the company of other easy going wine drinking people, then this industry is something you should definitely check out.With the US being the fourth largest wine supplier of the world, the opportunities in the USA and North America in general are phenomenal. Wine making is a niche industry, and also very popular with the DIY or Do It Yourself crowd. It's a hobby for most people who like to enjoy life in its most peaceful form.

What you have to ask yourself would you like to work in the wine cellar and get your hands dirty with the exact making and production of the wine, or are you a business savvy individual who would rather take part in the marketing side of things.
Lets say you wanted to develop a wine yourself, then you would work in a vineyard. A vineyard is sort of a farm where grapes are grown for wine production. As a wine maker, you will have to learn the whole wine making process, from start to finish. You will learn about the type of environment and the factors that play part in creating the best wines of the world.

Factors such as the type of soil, the temperature of the air and even the role that other micro-organisms play such as bugs an insects. As a wine maker, you will discover the many factors that are required to create that perfect grape for that delicious wine. Did you know that their are many prominent schools that actually offer degrees in the art of making wine? The study of wine that will enable you to get a degree is called Enology.

When you become a wine maker, you will have many different tasks that you will need to master first. Tasks such as how to mix and match different grapes with various properties to when to bottle them and ship them to your wine distributor. I suggest that you get started as a wine maker if you are looking to market a wine of your own in the future or take part in promoting an existing product. The best way to get started in any business is to start right at the bottom and work your way up. The reason this is the best long term strategy because you learn everything about a product and product knowledge is the key to success. As goes the old saying, know your product!

Plus when you have such hand on experience under the belt, and decide to move on to upper management or marketing in the wine making industry, you would know exactly what to do and feel confident in generating new business. Whether you want to join the wine making industry as a cellar worker, a wine making supervisor or work for the corporate side in this industry, if you truly have a passion for it, you'll love every second of it. After all, you'll be working half of your life, might as well work with something that you enjoy!
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June Beezy is the inventor of the 'Home Booze Kit', the fastest home wine making kit in the world!
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