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Starting Child Day Care Businesses

Jan 21, 2008
Starting child day care businesses is a good way to make extra money, especially for stay at home moms. Like any other businesses, there are areas that you need to carefully consider before getting the business started. The important question that you need to ask yourself before embarking on the business venture is this: "Is starting a day care the right thing to do for me?" Success will always follow those who do what they love.

In order to be successful in the running child day care businesses, you need to love the children, and have a heart for the children. You also need to be able to demonstrate patience and kindness to the children. Start your business out of love rather than focusing too much on making profit. The money will naturally follow those who enjoy what they do. If you intend to hire help so that you can plan activities such as art and craft lessons, music lessons and computer training for the children, you can charge higher fees. This will set you apart from the other home day care centers raising the quality of service that your day care provides.

Once a decision is made to start a home day care, assess the demand for daycare in your area. If the situation justifies you to start a child day care business, check out on the minimum requirements that are required to start a home day care in your state. You may do your research online. In addition, get a copy of the licensing regulations and requirements for your state and local area. As most states require day care centers to be licensed, find out how to apply for one.

As a day care provider, you must be able to provide a loving, stimulating environment for the children to flourish. You must provide a way for the children to have fun, learn, and to socialize with other children. As mentioned earlier, you can plan activities for them to keep them occupied throughout the day. Therefore, make a list of all the equipment and accessories that you need for starting a daycare center. Assess your financial situation, and decide how you are going to acquire the equipment that you do not currently have.

It is also beneficial that you draw out your personal business plan when you decide to start a day care center. Having a business plan will allow you to see at a glance, what your startup costs will be and whether you need to obtain funding to keep the business going. With this personal plan, you are also able to see when exactly you expect your business to turn a profit. In your plan, you may wish to include a marketing plan that helps to promote and grow your business.

Only you can decide whether starting a home day care is right for you. With dedicated, loving people and armed with the right knowledge, child day care businesses can be very profitable, fun, and rewarding to the home business entrepreneur.
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Miriam Boh is an entrepreneur and owns StartingDaycareBusiness.com. To learn how to start profitable child day care businesses quickly and easily, visit http://www.startingdaycarebusiness.com for more information.
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