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Home Business Opportunities And What They Can Offer Me

Jan 22, 2008
Home business is the new wave of the future. With our changing economy, skyrocketing gas prices and job qualifications becoming more strict, our society is slowly turning to alternative earning options.

Home business have been present for many years, as well as decades. However, they're really just significantly starting to get popular online.

Home businesses range from small household businesses such as fashion alterations, photography and specialty baked goods to stuffing envelopes, selling existing products again and building items from home.

Unfortunately, giving it a negative reputation in the eye's of today's society, scam artists have developed more innovative ways to infiltrate this industry, with the growing popularity of the internet.

Some of the most successful home business opportunities fall under direct sales and MLM (Multilevel Marketing). There are many other home business opportunities that also work very well.

Through research and experience of my own, I have found direct sales (which doesn't often require recruiting new members and seldom rely on efforts of a "downline" to earn/maintain income) to be the easiest, least time-consuming and of these models it is the most rewarding.

Direct sales refers to any business in which correspondence and transactions are taken care of only between the seller and the customer.

These opportunities are more lucrative because they allow you to create and maintain business relationships with your customers. They also reward the seller or distributor immediately, rather than the distributor having to wait to receive a paycheck from their company.

Also, many companies that are direct sales-based offer payouts of closer to (or exactly) 100% commissions. This is what splits direct sales from MLM and affiliate programs (which only pay out lower percentages while taking the same amount of effort to promote)

However, they still face opposition even though direct sales opportunities can be very successful. One of the main arguments against such programs is that distributors have to result to time-consuming, unprofessional and sometimes even underhanded tactics (spamming, cold-calling, live prospecting, door-to-door demos and so on) to generate leads and interest.

With internet marketing techniques being more effective today and also becoming available to the average person, such tactics should no longer be a need.

With the rise of PPC (pay-per-click) advertising, search engine optimization and ready-made websites, there are more ways than ever to reach target markets and gain new customers without chasing and harassing them.

When combined with these new-age marketing options, direct sales has become the most lucrative of home business opportunities, and quite possibly a steady, more secure income than a position in the workforce.
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