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Chemical Pallets Available Nationwide

Jan 22, 2008
Chemical pallets are offered nationwide by Compliance Packaging International Ltd. CPI sells used chemical pallets and is a manufacturer of new chemical pallets under its license CP-984.

Over twenty five years ago chemical and plastics corporations in Europe decided to unify common chemical pallet sizes for the transport of chemicals and polymers.

Over the years many industries have adopted chemical pallets which are meant to be exchangeable and have common standards. In Europe, companies can receive a deposit back from their local pallet company for chemical pallets that they no longer need.

Chemical pallets, also known as CP-Pallets or CPs come in nine different sizes and are designated CP-1, CP-2, CP-3, CP-4, CP-5, CP-6, CP-7, CP-8 and CP-9.

The most common CP Pallets found in the United States are the CP3, CP1, CP2, CP6, CP9, and CP8.

Companies choose to use different chemical pallets based first upon their packaging types including supersacks, steel drums, bags or boxes. Chemical companies and others must also consider their handling requirements to decide upon which chemical pallet to use. For example, will the pallets be floor stacked or racked?

CP 1 pallets and CP 6 pallets best carry boxes and sacks.

American export firms sometime use CP 2s instead of euro pallets when shipping goods to Europe because they are the same size 800 x 1200 mm.

Chemical Pallet 3 and Chemical Pallet 9 are primarily used for drums and supersacks.

The Chemical Pallet 8 is only meant to move super sacks.
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