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Buy A Car From Cheap Used Car Auctions Or Private Dealers?

Jan 22, 2008
Cheap used car auctions are not the first places to come to the mind of most potential buyers. In fact, most people would conveniently go to an old car dealer. It is understandable since that is the conventional way and few people do hear about auctions, let alone know anything about them. Folks also feel intimidated by the thought of bidding at these events. But they fail to realize that it is not as difficult as they think and it can be financially rewarding to participate in cheap used car auctions.

It is easy to assume that buying an old vehicle from a dealer is safe and the best option. However, you need to know that it is not always the case and the car you buy may not end up as a good deal after all.

If the price you are paying is 80% off the original value, then it is logical to expect some risk taking whether you are buying from a cheap used auto auction or auto dealer. Do not expect warranty to be attached. This can mean that the car you bought could be wreckage inside that requires massive repairs or it can be in good running condition.

Consider this: when you buy a car from the private auto dealers, the vehicle is definitely old for sure. But with cheap used car auctions, there is a possibility of getting a near new one. Sometimes, it can be just a month old. Also, the selling price of a used vehicle at the dealership is often dependent on factors such as its age and condition. This is not the case with cheap used auto auctions where you may actually find a new automobile at a generously low price.

By the way, the vehicles that you see in the used vehicle garages could have originated from the used auto auctions. These dealers are smart enough to win bids at auctions, only to resell these vehicles for profits. If that is the case, why let them earn the margins when you could buy your choice wheels from the cheap used car auctions directly.

To be fair, there is some amount of effort needed. You have to source for details such as locations, dates and timings of the auctions, inspection prior to bidding and arranging for the technical assessment and registrations. This may seem to be a handful but really, it is not a lot of work.

Besides, now you can trace cheap used car auctions in your area as well as get handfuls of other useful information online. Just do a simple check and you would surely find the details you want.

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