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Where Are Bed & Breakfast Businesses Headed?

Jan 22, 2008
Bed & breakfast businesses continue to be opened up all over the country. They are a great way to have a successful business. You definitely need to have the right elements present though if you want your doors to remain open. People definitely enjoy staying at this type of business so give them something to look forward to. Be creative in your efforts but always keep the key ingredients as part of the package.

People turn to the internet daily for work and for leisure activities. You can make it work for your business as well. People often use the internet to secure their travel plans. Make sure they can find your bed & breakfast, see pictures of it, get contact information, and even make a reservation if they decide to.

Advertising is one of the areas of operating a bed & breakfast that people often fail to do. They may only run one type of advertising campaign but if it doesn't do well neither does their business. Try several approaches so you can encourage guests from different forms of advertising. The money you invest in such efforts will be well worth it for your business.

There are plenty of ways to advertise your bed & breakfast locally that are affordable or that don't cost anything at all. Have an open house to invite people to take a look around. You can have a drawing for a free night stay or other prizes to get people to come check it out. Have plenty of brochures on hand too for them to take. You will be surprised how this can help you because they will tell others that come to see them to stay at your business.

Make sure you respond to any questions that people have about your business. This way they will immediately get the impression that you are sincere about taking care of all their needs. You have to really love running your own business and working with people to do well at this. Being a good decorator and a good cook help immensely as well but the communication is going to set the standards. It is going to influence the image that people have of your bed & breakfast business.

There will always be a place for bed & breakfast businesses due to how much they are loved by consumers. However, they won't stand for poor quality or poor service. If you aren't willing to put all of your effort into running an effective bed & breakfast you shouldn't even get involved in one. Those common elements have to be there all the time for every guest.

Do all you can to make these areas fit together as they should. A bed & breakfast business should always be a work in progress. Always attempt to find ways to be more efficient as well as more effective. Finding a market is important but keeping those that do come to your business happy is also important. You don't want them to be one time customers.

Your goal is for them to leave very excited about the chance to stay at such as wonderful place. You want them to look forward to coming back again. If they feel like this when they leave you can be sure they will share that information with others. As a result it is going to encourage more people to make reservations with you.
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Patti Rob writes about the Bed & Breakfast industry. The challenges, myths and emerging trends for buying, running and operating a profitable B&B.
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