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Creating Time For A Home Business

Jan 22, 2008
Many people believe that starting a home base business is tough because they can not find the time to promote it and, ultimately, get it off the ground floor.

However you could be no further from the truth because you can find time to start your home business by laying out a schedule and sticking to it. Did you know that time management plays a huge role in running a home base business? Granted - finding the time is no easy task.

The first thing you will need to do is sit down and write down your typical day-to-day schedule with activities such as when you get up to when you brush your teeth, take a shower, get your kids to school, etc.. Make examples such as these your main focus points and write down the time-slots your typically allocate for these activities.

We all have twenty-four hours given to us in a day. So your emphasis needs to be on managing yourself better in time after you create it.

Let us review your main focus points with the following tools.

1: Write down your current schedule...

A. Work hours
B. Commuting
C. Weekend time with family
D. TV time
E. Workout time
F. Anything else

2: Focus on creating time...

A. Draw an outline of the above list
B. From there you should write in the time you plan to work on your home based business
C. Focus on your weekend time with your family

Sticking With Your Schedule

Make family and friends understand what you are trying to do by letting them know that you will be working from your new home office and that there is a certain time you would like for them to stop by or call. By doing this, sticking with your schedule will be a lot less challenging. What I mean by sticking with your schedule is do not blow off the allocated time by not doing what you are supposed to do. You need to be accountable to yourself.

Taking your home base business seriously is all about planning, creating, organizing, and, ultimately, meeting with a client(s). That is why you need to sit down and dedicate time for your home business then manage yourself better in that time created. Many people believe that creating time for your home business can not be done. It is not magic - just stick with the basics I have outlined for you and you will accomplish things you once believed were not possible.

I know that creating time for business is a big obstacle for most people because they feel they do not really have the time in the first place. In fact, I used to think that way. That is why people who are serious about success are finding ways to create time by putting it in writing.

Here are some tips on managing yourself better in time.

1: If your child stays up late, focus on the kids.

Do not focus on what you could be doing. If something comes up, decide to embrace the activity. Usually, you will find that it is better to do what you need to do (i.e., attend to priorities) than not. You need to remember to stay well grounded when focusing on everyday tasks.

2: Focus on your time by using paper-based or electronic recording tools.

Handy electronic recording devices can be useful when you are coming up with ideas for your business. You should always keep a notebook because you may never know when a bright idea will come to mind.

3: Focus on one item at a time.

Do not try to multi-task. It has been proven through study after study that it does not improve performance. Instead of three to eight items at a time, like a laser beam...focus on one. This way you will not cloud your memory, bog yourself down, and cause yourself to lose focus on what you are trying to do.

If you follow my suggestions here, Father Time will surely be there helping you out every step of the way.
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