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Get The Most Out Of Your Garage

Jan 22, 2008
The best way to add on some extra storage space is to remodel the garage. The garage is usually a very neglect part of the house that becomes the catch all for junk and items that are not frequently used. Many garages have gone form being storage units and parking places to huge rooms of disarray. Don't let this be the fate of this valuable extra space. Extend your storage space by straightening out this area that is too often forgotten.

Garages should not be used as a storage unit alone. Yes, there is room to store things there but the basement is a better place to keep the things that you are looking to save. The garage serves much better as a place that houses things that you actually use. Having a workshop or an office is more productive than having a bunch of boxes in there. This can also serve as small home gyms. Save money on that pricey gym membership and set up your own workout center in the garage.

The uses for the part of the house are endless. If you still park your car in there, no problem. Garages can be used for a number of different purposes. You can still park there and turn an area of it into a workshop. Organize your space well and use that extra space in a productive means.

An attached garage is a dream come true. Add some of those features that make the rest of your home cozy to this extension of your home. Put a phone in there and create a study for your home based business. This is the perfect way to separate your home life from work.

This is a goldmine of expansion opportunity. Create a play room for the kids. Let them entertain their friends and play in this part of the house. Add some storage bins to the garage and keep season equipment there. Move the trash cans outside of the garage and turn it into something more than just a storage unit.

Move the laundry room out of the basement and get the basement finished. Turn the garage into a great place for entertaining company by adding some couches, a television and a table. Use it as a place to hang out an as the entertainment spot in your house and keep company off of your good furniture and new carpet.

If you are stumped for ideas about what type of remodel to do with the garage, find out what others are doing. There are plenty of innovative ideas that can be used to sculpt your own plans. Set up a Pilates/Yoga studio and create a place of tranquility and health.
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