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Advertize Via Your Virtual Assistant Business Card

Jan 22, 2008
Using companies such as Vistaprint, you can get business cards for the cost of postage. This almost free item can become one of the major parts of your VA marketing system.

This is called making your Business Card 'sticky'.

A sticky card is one the client wants to keep. I used to always give people two of my cards, one for them and one to pass on! If you really want to go for it, give them three!

When I think back to the cards that I have kept the following come to mind:

* The dentists card with a calendar on the back. I would mark off the next 6 month appointment before I left his office.

* You now have a handy little calendar in your pocket or purse. No need to take out your electronic or paper diary when you need to check the day of the week.

* Do you do any work with set dates for submission, monthly client newsletters, tax submission dates? Mark up the calendar with these dates.

* I am a regular at the hairdressers but was getting a bit worried about the cost. I had decided that from the next January I would have to go less. My hairdresser had already thought of this. She gave me a new business card with a 20% discount for being a regular client and the offer of another discount if I changed my day to one of the days when she was slack. I of course did this and she kept me as a client and filled her salon all week.

There are a lot of other ideas that you can put on the back of your card.

The aims and ideals of your company or a list of services that your Virtual Assistant company offers.

Make a money off offer or a free half hour of work so they can check out your services.

If you specialise in Digital Audio Transcription, you can put hints and tips on the back of your card as this topic is a minefield for the client and worker.

Won any awards? Put full details on the back of the card, it gives you the edge.

Be Inventive

You need to have that unique edge to stand out. Everyone is always receiving business cards, how can you make yours unforgettable? If you work on a commercial estate, perhaps you could put a map to your office on the back.

Words of Wisdom

There are many words of wisdom that are suitable for the back of business cards. If you have run a seminar, you could print the main 5 points from that on your card using quotes as examples.

The outcome is to be remembered

Sorting out business cards usually starts with the 'heap system'. You put them all into the CRM (Customer Relationship Manager) and then file them in the bin or put them into your card book. Most card books are double-sided plastic so while you are looking you notice cards that are not blank on the back. These are also the cards you go back to as the others are long gone.

The back of your card should stand out as much as possible Buy 250 cards at a time and start your own trend. Your prospective and current clients will start to turn over your card to see what you have on the back this time - this will fix you and your Virtual Assistant company firmly in their minds.
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