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Four Ways to Invest in the Web

Aug 17, 2007
There are many ways to make money from the internet. The main method by internet marketers is by selling info-products direct to the public - with the aim to deliver information products that meet the needs and desires of people who are searching for information.

A secondary method to make money from the internet is to sell other people's products, commonly called Affiliate Marketing. This can be done via email or through niche based websites. There is no need to have your own product or web site. Common methods to promote affiliate programs are Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising, for instance, Google Adwords.

A third method of cashing in on the internet is through paid advertising. For instance
Google Sense or Yahoo Advertising (and other similar programs) can be very lucrative for "content based websites", where no sales are made directly, but the website owners pick up residual income from the search engines.

These three common methods are widely deployed via online business people but they are limited to one off sales (methods one and two), or the number of "clicks" through the website (method three).

One less commonly sought after way of generating monthly residual revenue is to sell access to membership sites. This is commonly left to the heavy marketers who have large lists and who benefit the most from the monthly recurring income from the sites that they promote. However with the increasing launch of "butterfly marketing" membership sites, this is going to become more commonplace.

As a result, there is an increasingly high demand for niche marketers who specialise in selling membership sites.

What makes selling membership sites so attractive?
Membership sites typically offer two types of affiliate payments: Charter Memberships and Monthly Memberships. These two types of memberships are not always available together.

Charter Memberships usually provide a one-off payment upwards from $97 for a one year subscription, with all the products or services that are included for monthly members. The lucrative part to reselling Charter Memberships is that charter members are often limited in number, in addition to being able to sell normal monthly memberships so as to receive a recurring monthly income. A charter member may also be awarded a higher percentage rate of commission than normal monthly memberships.

If a Charter Member program does not exist, then Monthly Memberships may have their own commission structure in order for you to resell memberships to the site. This typically ranges from 40% to 70% depending on the site. Monthly Membership fees range from $15 to $30, so as a reseller you may take home a comfy residual income for fairly minimal work.

Lastly, another lucrative aspect about reselling Membership Sites is that some sites include a One Time Offer and Back End Offers. The reseller can make instant affiliate bonuses for those who take up the offers.

If you are looking to create multiple streams of monthly income for a small investment that can substantially increase your income, selling Membership Sites has got to be one of the easiest ways around.
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Bradley Smith is an online businessman. For more information about membership sites, visit Membership Sites at Easter JV Giveaway

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