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Effectively Conquering Your Blog Stats Addiction

Jan 22, 2008
As a brand new owner and creator of a blog, you will soon discover that it is very addicting and also quite entertaining to check out how profitable your own blog has become in comparison to others that have been published online. There are several blog site creators who take up a lot of time each day checking on their blog stats which tell how much money they have made, the Google rankings, and how many people have linked into your web page. Even though checking your stats can be quite an addicting thing to do all of the time, it should not take priority over the actual regulation and implementation of successful techniques with your blog.

Most people have an addiction with their blog statistics when they first start off, but there exists several different ways that you can overcome such an addiction. As with any addiction, it takes a lot of personal discipline and patience in order to overcome the time consuming problem that you are facing. There are also a few key points that will help you overcome a blog stats addiction with a little bit of effort on your part.

The most important aspect of this addiction that you need to comprehend is that you are not alone with this specific problem. There are many blog owners who constantly check on their site stats and have trouble overcoming their addiction. A recognition that you belong to a large group of blog addicts is the first step in overcoming the problem.

One thing that you need to do is to set a time limit of when you can regulate your blog stats, which can be accomplished by implementing a timetable that determines certain times when you can look at your web site details. Making a specific schedule for yourself will help in the eventual overcoming of this habit and keep you disciplined throughout the future. You should only check your stats every once in awhile and make sure to stay productive during the rest of the time.

An additional point that you need to remember is that many blog owners soon overcome the addiction of checking your blog stats all of the time. After a certain period of time, experienced bloggers do not worry so much about the stats and spend a majority of their time enhancing the effectiveness of the blog posts. They still check their blog stats every once in awhile but overcome this addiction in a short amount of time.

Starting your own personal blog site is definitely a fun and interesting thing to do, which also helps people to earn an income and gain popularity through the use of the Internet. After you have created a blog you will be very eager to check how well your blog site is doing and it will be tempting to do so several times throughout the day. What you need to remember, however, is that you should channel that excitement into the productivity of maintaining a web site that people will keep wanting to visit.
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