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The Rise of Video Game Testers

Jan 22, 2008
The video game industry is on a boom. There are fortunes invested in the manufacturing, transportation and retailing of the video games. Thus it is necessary to check the quality of the product before they are released in the market. Many a times video games are dumped by the gamers, on the grounds of the quality of the game or sometimes the nature of the game. Here comes the role of a game testers. Testers are the people who gets to play the games before it is released in the market. The tester then prepares a report on the quality of the game and the necessary changes to be made in that particular game.

Generally the software professionals who develop the games are not gamers themselves. Thus it is very difficult for the developers to know the psychology of the gamers. It is very necessary to know the popular choice among the gamers to make the video game a commercially viable product. The video game tester very well understands the requirements of a particular game. The video game tester represents the point of view of the end user. Games generally follow a particular storyline that unravels itself with the advancement of the game. The nature of the video games should be as such that it is capable of holding the interest of the gamers. This is the main factor that decides upon the success of a video game. Thus, the need of testing the game before its release has increased the manifold.

How it is done

Generally the to-be video game testers post their application online. Then these game testers are appointed through series of online tests by a video games manufacturing company. After the job of the video game tester is fixed he gets access to the cheat code of few of the unreleased video games. These cheat codes are meant to protect the video games from piracy. The tester then plays the game and comes up with his valuable reviews. Based upon the reviews forwarded by the game tester the manufacturer makes improvisations to make it suitable for the market. Game testing is every gamers dream job. I mean who doesn't want to get paid for playing games? You are going to do it all day long anyway so not get paid? Game testing is cool!

Games are similar to any other work of art. Thus video game testing is an integral part of the business to manage the creative perspective of it.
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