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Are Toolbars The Way Forward After Article Submission Becomes Saturated

Aug 17, 2007
Article submission has become one of the quickest growing forms of recognised SEO in the past 5 years.

Originally all websites were in theory "Created Equal" and only through careful webpage design and powerful marketing methods were you able to get your website into that magical "Top Three" placement on Google, Yahoo or MSN. Meta tags are not as important as they used to be and the search engine algorithms are constantly changing to try and deliver the most relevant content while filtering out all the rubbish. Other SEO strategies such as keyword density are under constant debate between many people on many forums some saying that an 8% density is correct and others that it should be 13% - 15% but nobody is really ever entirely sure what makes your site the top dog until it gets there and believe me that takes an amazing amount of time and effort.

We all now realise that times are changing. There was recently a report i found on http://Slashdot.org which detailed the rumour that the Google servers were infact reaching critical storage level. This was in reference to the huge amount of sites that have begun to spring up with massive amounts of content mainly from articles taken from directories such as this one. The sites themselves then self promote by creating new articles with links back to their newly hosted sites which gradually make it onto another website and the circle begins again.

While articles are still, and will be for sometime to come, a great way to create a load of incoming links to your website there will come a time, I think, when the major search engines will make a decision to stop indexing these created content sites and retune their search algorithm to rate pages in another way.

In the meantime that leaves a lot of us with a careful choice to make. Do we continue to market our websites by the never ending circle of articles or is there another way to reach the people we sell to?.

The newest way to reach your target market and feed them targeted content over and over again is now the use of "Toolbars". Specially created to include affiliate links and targeted searches. Once a toolbar is on your potential customers machine they have instant access to all of your websites and affiliate links every time they start an explorer window.

One of the best toolbar creators i have found now allows you to create an unlimited amount of toolbars which can update automatically every time they are connected to the internet. The creation of these toolbars is also free of charge so it makes it a very exciting prospect.

You decide for yourself how you are going to get your customer to keep buying from you. Imagine if each of your customers had a direct link to your latest offers and also visited your website regularly to check out all of your new offers.

I think toolbars are a definite way forward if only a great compliment to current marketing strategies.

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