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Venue Finding - The 5 Star Attraction

Jan 23, 2008
Choosing a conference venue is just like buying a house, location, location, location. Ask any regular conference organiser and they will tell you its one of the first things they look at when choosing a suitable venue.

Then they will move onto facilities and finally price, people often think price is the main driver in the decision process and occasionally it maybe, although the venue has to be able to deliver in terms of delegates getting there and have what they need to run an event long before price comes up on the radar.

One of the other key factors for some events, especially sales or client events, is the 'Wow' factor as Kirsty Allsop might say. Whilst historic and architecturally striking buildings often do have a wow factor, 5 Star says 'Look at me, I am something special' before you even see the building and its surroundings.

The UK according to the AA, the official arbitrators of this grading scheme, has 38 hotels that it feels are worthy enough to carry the 5 Star rating , and that is where this type grading has its limits, it is restricted to just hotels, non hotels have to distinguish themselves by calling themselves deluxe or executive venues. The RAC until recently also offered a 5 star rating although since they stopped producing the guide early last year it's been left to the AA to provide the 5 Star award.

The pulling power of the 5 Star label cannot be underestimated, if you receive an invite to an event and it's taking place at a 5 Star hotel the likelihood is you will attend, as none of us like to turn down a nice treat, and with a 5 Star hotel, its treats all the way. Not only are the surroundings the best the hotel industry has to offer, the coffee will be that bit better, tea will be more than just your regular PG tips, teas will be offered from every continent that you can image and herbal teas will also be vying for you attention.

Even little things like biscuits are going to be that much better, usually hand made on the premises, containing naughty things like butter! Lunch will be an event in itself, with highly trained staff in beautifully tailored livery rushing around to your every need with more silver cutlery and glassware than you thought were possible to be used by one person.

Surroundings and service is what 5 stars hotels do the best, to give you an idea most 5 star hotels have twice as many staff as they do bedrooms, and places like the Dorchester Hotel in London have 3 staff to every bedroom, an experience worth savouring.

Choosing a 5 Star venue does come at a price with day delegate rates starting off at 75 pounds and rising to over 150 pounds in some venues, and whilst this may seem expensive they have invested a great deal to achieve this status level and it might be just what your next event needs to give it a bit of sparkle. You have spent a fortune finding those customers, with marketing and PR campaigns doing their best, when you finally get the chance to pitch to them, think about letting a 5 Star hotel help you to achieve your final goal.
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Shaun Parker has a great deal of experience in finding venues for a wide range of different occasions. Why not make life easy by utilising a venue finding company.
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