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Succeed Online By Focusing

Jan 23, 2008
The majority of Internet marketers are being held back because they fail to focus on their businesses. This lack of focus relates to both short term and long term goals. Long term focus relates to what you eventually want to achieve. Ask yourself what do you want to achieve over the next 10 years. Do you want a new house, a boat, a Ferrari or just to be free from money worries? Whatever it is make a note of it. This is what will drive you onto success

One of the people I used to mentor lived in a small 1 roomed apartment. She was desperate to move out into a nice house. She went to visit the local Realtors and found a house she really liked. She took the details and framed them and hung them on the wall behind her computer monitor. As soon as she felt like stopping a task or demotivated she would stop work for 5 minutes grab a coffee and stare at the house pictures. She constantly imagined living in the house and repeated to herself that she will have that house. Very quickly she was back working on her online business. A little over a year later she could afford to move into a similar house to the one that motivated her.

In addition to long term focus you need to consider your short term focus. a lack of short term focus will have a negative impact on your Long term focus. How many times do you sit down to write an article or build a site only to answer emails of have instant message conversations? very soon you realize you've done nothing constructive and you have no time left.

Getting a simple system together will help you achieve your short term goals. Once they are achieve then it's just a matter of time before you achieve those long term goals. Try a system that will allow you to work without being interrupted by emails and instant messages. I set aside a 2-3 hour period each morning where I concentrate on work and nothing else. Only when that time is up and I've completed my tasks will i then read and answer emails.

Make a point of eliminating all possible distractions. If you have pets put them outside. Take the phone off the hook and turn off your cell phone. It is also worth explaining to your family what you want to achieve and how they can help you by not interrupting you when you are working. Once they know you are working for a better future for them they should be very supportive.

Writing this article took less than twenty minutes. I had no distractions and focused on it 100%. If I hadn't been able to focus on it I know for sure that it would probably take me and hour or so.

There is noting in this world that will stop you achieving your goals If you want them enough. You just need patience and belief in yourself
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