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Silver Linings And Watchtowers Of Imagination

Jan 23, 2008
"Be miserable. Or motivate yourself. Whatever has to be done, it's always your choice." --Wayne Dyer

I was having a conversation with one of my elite coaching club members recently and it reminded me of a great technique I have used with very positive results for a while now. There are so many beautiful, elegant ways of manufacturing positive outcomes in our lives and that is a positivity in general, and a positivity that can be laser focused on all aspects of ourselves-relationships, business, health and wellness.

At first blush, this might seem silly. I fully understand this and yet I am quite comfortable with a state of silliness if I know for me the outcome will mean more clients, more wealth, more happiness. I'll do whatever it takes and silly is a very small price to pay. So suspend any cynicism just for a few moments and allow the potential to flow.

Here's one technique that I like to use: I imagine a cloud filled with positive thoughts. If I'm working on a business deal, my goal is always for the most beneficial outcome for everyone involved.

My imagination cloud will cover the entire area surrounding our interaction, for example, an office. And my cloud holds anything I want it to hold--watchtowers around the perimeter or missiles to zap out negative thinking and problems that might arise in the course of negotiations.

I imagine the cloud over my prospect's head parting and letting the sun shine on him, the sun's rays being a golden opportunity for you to work together, the golden opportunity to see things the way I want him/her to see things. I imagine a genie in the cloud swooping down bringing gold bars to show the prospect representing all of the richness available in our interaction.

This works particularly well for me because I know for a fact that many of my clients experience incredible increases in productivity and income as a result of working with me so I love the image of the genie bringing gold bars, showing what's possible as a result of us working together.

Your cloud can also pour down rain on your prospect, with the rain being a gentle pressure to agree.

You can have your cloud rain notes that your client's other than conscious reads saying, 'Accept my deal' and 'Move forward, now.'

The possibilities are limitless because your imagination is limitless. You are a creative being and that creativity can be brought into the business realm for great profit and satisfaction. It starts with a single, simple concept--allow for the possibility that this can work and it will work.

We can be miserable, or we can be motivated. We can create the optimum internal environments within ourselves, fertile with our imaginings and thoughts, which will yield amazing results. And all this happens because we make a choice. Incredible.
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Kenrick Cleveland teaches techniques to earn the business of affluent prospects using persuasion. He runs public and private seminars and offers home study courses and coaching programs in persuasion techniques.
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