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Choosing A Domain Name To Attract Targeted Customers

Jan 23, 2008
One of the fastest ways of getting attention for your business in today's world is to have a good online presence. And the first step to getting your business online is a good domain name.

Unfortunately, many people overlook this important step. Let's look at a few tips for getting a domain that will attract the right customers to your site.

1. Choose A Name That Describes Your Website

Your domain name should make it clear to your visitors what your website is about, even before they land on the site. Don't make them guess what you're offering.

For example, if your name happens to be Sue Brown and you own a hair salon called Sue's Hair Salon, get a domain name like, www.sueshairsalon.com instead of www.suebrown.com. Seems pretty obvious, but you'll be amazed at how many business owners use their personal names as domain names instead of choosing one that specifically describes their business.

Also, try to keep your domain name within a range of 13-15 characters, as shorter domain names tend to stick in people's minds. It also makes it easier for them to type out your web address in their browsers without too much head scratching.

2. Select A Keyword-Rich Domain Name

It's becoming increasingly important for business owners to have their websites indexed and ranked well in search engines like Google.com, MSN.com and Yahoo.com. And it helps this cause tremendously if you have a keyword-rich domain name. The reason for this is simple: Your potential customers search using specific keyword phrases to find what they're looking for.

Taking the time to do some research to find your best keywords, and a domain that includes them, is important. Make sure it still meets the first criteria though - short and descriptive.

Of course, there are other SEO tactics to implement for better rankings, but getting a keyword-rich domain name is the first step towards ensuring your website will be search engine friendly. Avoid using any weird characters like apostrophes and even hyphens in your domain name as this will eventually affect rankings.

3. Must A Domain Name End With .com?

Yes and no. You could use other extensions like .net, .biz or .info but it's not the best choice. Everybody knows .com but if your site uses something else, you're going to have to market it a lot harder to get the correct extension in people's minds. And if someone else already has the .com version, they'll probably get a lot of traffic from people looking for you.

How would you feel if you spend time and money marketing your website and some of those people wound up on your competitor's customer list instead?

If you're setting up a website for specific types of organizations, a non-profit group for example which should use .org, the best way to go is to stick with .com.

Don't rush into picking a domain name. Take the time to research your market and find keyword phrases that people actually search for. Websites such as Wordtracker.com and GoodKeywords.com can help you with this. Taking the time to plan correctly in the beginning will pay off well in the long term.
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