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Jan 23, 2008
Three years ago I began learning how to build a website online. I read a couple of manuals and they were cover the topic of pre-selling. The whole concept was unclear and I didn't fully grasp this method of selling. Fast forward three years, and I can honestly say that I am happy with my progress, I am finally making money from home in my spare time, selling other peoples products.

So what is keeping you from making it online?

There are many obstacles, but the first and most important is the greed that lures many into the trap of believing that making money online is easy and that you don't have to know how to build a website or how to market online. The truth is, you need to understand how to research your keyword, how to do SEO and how to stay focus. Without focus, all will fail. I have seen how I spent money day in day out, buying one product after another.

I never really took the time to read one product, I was looking for that one product that would make me an instant millionaire. Would you believe that even today many come online with the same thoughts, and are going through the purchase all symptoms, just like I did. You don't have to make the same mistakes I made. You have to stop buying products and join a program that works. Learn how to build a website first, make sure your making a profit with your first site and then move on to your second site.

A next myth is that you need many websites to make a decent living online, that is pure hype and baloney. You need to build a list and focus, while learning from those who have success online. Don't follow the losers and expect to gain, that won't work, they are buyers.

I have finally cut back on buying products, because I know what will compliment my business and improve the goal I have set for that website. I do plan all my website building effort on a total money amount I expect that site to make. Once it reaches that goal, I move on and start a new site. Sometimes I hit pay-dirt, and then I scrap that site, add some videos to the site, until I get a great idea or research some keywords that looks profitable and start building a new site from scratch.

I seldom sell my domain names, because the older your domain names, the better they are ranked in the search engines. Now, I must be honest and tell you that this website building business isn't for everyone. If you have a nice hobby and would like to make some serious money with your online home business, then I would advice you to jump in and test the waters. Keep your focus, and build a website for at least three months adding content every other day.

This Race is not for the swift, the slow learner and website builder with the right tools will win. Just make sure that your a member of a forum, where you can ask questions and you will be leap years ahead of the rest. The final step is getting the right tools that will enable you to learn how to build a website, the fun way, where learning will seems like child's play.
About the Author
Alexander Marlin, A Proud Member of The Golden 25 Mastermind group, where 25 members teach you how to make money online with your own online home business, learn how to build a website the easy way. To find out more about my mastermind club visit: http://www.projectwealthmastermind.com
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