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Free And Inexpensive Web Hosting

Jan 23, 2008
Are free and inexpensive web hosting worth it? Yes and no. The answer really depends on what type of website you plan to make available to your internet crowd. Most web hosting sites offer entry level hosting packages that offer just the basic hosting services and they can do well for just about any personal or corporate websites with low density traffic. That means few site visits. Some offer these basic services free of charge and the web host bureaus earn by putting ads on your website everytime they are accessed.

For World Wide Web neophytes just testing their freshly made HTML pages, a free hosting bureau is the best thing that can happen. Forget about those ads. While they can annoy your visitor, free web hosts allow you to have a presence on the internet and make yourself known to millions of internet users around the world. Some of the many commercial sites out there started with them, upgrading to better web hosts bureaus or their packages as traffic increases and as their web sites grow in storage requirements.

There is little or no technical customer support on these sites. Those that do, often provide rudimentary technical and after sales services that are often difficult to access when you need them. But that is expected. After all, you do have to thank them for hosting your site and making it available to the world. But it is a tribute to these free web hosting providers that there are excellent hosts that provide remarkable decent services - even better than most entry level paid hosts. You just have to look for reviews on the net for such companies.

Your next step after that is to scout for some cheap web hosting services. Again, don't expect a lot. As in anything else, you get what you pay for. But just like free web hosts, there are gems worth considering. For as little $5.99 per month, some web hosting companies do require a 6-12 month advance payment. That allows them to earn interests on your upfront money to offer such cheap dues. Most offer free domain name registration which really isn't much considering that domain name registration is really cheap these days. In general, they have larger disk space allocations and bandwidths than on your free web hosting options. Customer support is often shared across other higher account holders and should be at par with them. Most web hosting providers do offer budget hosting packages and are worth considering especially if they are well-reviewed as providing excellent service and you are just a novice in World Wide Web.

Bottomline is, don't expect a lot from these free web hosting services. Websites that required large storage spaces for downloadable multimedia files are better off using higher hosting packages that can cost upwards of around $20 or more per month. And as your website traffic grows, you will certainly need the bandwidth to support your growing clientele who will just be turned off if the site or downloads are painfully slow to load. Choosing your web hosting partner can be a learning experience as you grow your website. You just have to be acutely aware when you have outgrown your current free or inexpensive web hosting provider.
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