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Improve Your Productivity and Your Website with Animated Characters

Jan 23, 2008
Your problem is you need to reach more customers, you have an existing web site but like most people it's static and not very active and now your sales are declining. You want and need more sales and a possible change in your website can help your business succeed.

If you take the time to review your website development strategy, you may have a website that was built many years ago and technology may have past you by. In this day of web 2.0 this is not uncommon as a year becomes 10 years in this day and age.

Well to help you get back to being profitable, the following 10 reasons should cause you to explore electronic sales help in your internet marketing online campaigns.

1. distribute your marketing message using both sight and sound

2. help you appear to be onsite and functioning twenty-four by seven

3. facilitate an increase in your customer base

4. make you seem to be extremely customer focused

5. really have a discussion with your customer

6. give you the ability to focus on a specialized market

7. provide you with the capability to international

8. talks to the many various cultures of the world

9. be tailored to each of your sales campaigns on demand

10. get your prospective customers purpose and build website stickiness

These benefits are powerful because in conjunction with IOVC technology, electronic sales help speaks and reflects a real world character that can be human like in nature. Animated electronic sales help characters allow you to build human like characters that speak, dress, think and respond to your customers as electronic sales people. An electronic sales person as part of your internet marketing strategy is powerful because it allows you to rapidly provide customer focused solutions. Your office processes become enhance because you now have your electronic office personnel on the web and of course using your voice to communicate with customers.

But more importantly and definitely more relevant, is the electronic sales person speaks to a specific need based on customer action of the moment.
Research has shown that virtual electronic salespeople, such as those provided by various characters based development companies can increase your conversion and sales. As some early implementers' have stated "These tools give your business the opportunity to talk directly to site visitors about a complex subject and make them feel welcome and comfortable."

Now that you understand the major benefits and you know that a static non interactive websites loses customers, animated talking characters become a major benefit to helping you acquire and retain business as part of your online internet marketing strategy.
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