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Is Your Office Chair Ergonomic?

Jan 24, 2008
Are you sitting comfortably as you read this? Many of us spend many hours sat at our office desks. We often spend 40 or so hours a week sat in a chair that we had no input in choosing. Now compare this with the amount of time we spend sat in a chair at home, how long did you take to choose that chair? If you are anything like me I suspect it was several hours.

The main problem people face with their office chairs is that they were handed down by the previous occupants of their desk. it is almost impossible that the former owner was exactly the same size and shape as the latest owner. If this has happened to you or happens in the future there are things you can do to make the situation a bit better.

Step one is to check out the full range of adjustments of your chair. If you are lucky you'll be able to adjust the height, the arm position and the position of the back rest. Anything less than this consider demanding another chair. When adjusting your chair try to make sure that your back is supported and that you are in a comfortable position.

It's a well known fact that badly adjusted chairs account for a large percentage of workplace injuries. Each year thousands of days work are lost through employees taking days off through backpain. A properly adjusted chair will help prevent this backpain from occuring. Employers owe it themselves and their employees to ensure that good quality chairs are being used in the workplace.

Before you go and buy a new office chair you should consider the following points.

1. Does it have a full range of adjustment

2. What Material Is it

3. How is it made

If you are buying a chair just for yourself you might be able to get away with a chair that has a small range of adjustment. Howerver if it is going to be used by a number of different people then you should look at buying a chair with a larger range of adjustments in all areas.

The type of covering used on office chairs are usually a matter of personal opinion. many peolle like to go with the luxurious feel of leather. While other prefer the comform and ventilation of mesh office chairs. One think most agree on is avoind vinyl covered seats at all costs.

You should always test as many office chairs as possible before you decide to buy. As any quick glance through an office supplies catalogue will show you there are multiple styles and shapes of office chair. Before settling on one design try the alternatives you may find that a mid backed or a low backed chair are more comfortable for you. Also consider your environment, if your office has a wooden or tile floor then you may need to consider looking for a chair withour casters.
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