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$10,000 First Month, Not BS, Not Hype Real Business

Jan 24, 2008
The reality of what I have found with working is that with effort you can excel. Not many will argue with that. So why would the internet be any different. If you are willing to put in some effort, then why not try your hand at online marketing. First of all, they say 95% fail, i dont know, I think those people are failures already, or lacking support. Anyways, Real online business' are poping up everywhere and claiming insane incomes. Now all these people can't be lying, can they.

I dont know them all personally, but there does seem to be alot of persons online claiming to make $25,000 a month. Some claiming $200,000 a month. So who do you believe? I dont believe anything unless I see it. What about you, can you believe these claims. I mean someone must be telling the truth, but also, someone must be lying. I have looked into several of these, and well, making money online could not be any more complicated, with so many choices, how do you choose. After all isn't that what seperates the people who succeed from those who dont. Make the right choice, and put in the effort. Let me explain a little, just to help your decision.

The first thing when choosing a online business to buy is. How many sales do you have to make to get your money back? If the answer is 1-3 then the program might be worth looking into.

Second, Is the potential for you to get rich there? Why spend the time online working if you only make $20-$200 a day. Get a job at the local grocery store if thats how much you want to make. I personally am not happy with the latter amount of money per day, and I am sure many others out there agree.

Third and most important is, if you do not know how to market online, then find someone who is willing to teach you because MLM failures are plenty, and with many different reasons. Now its not that hard, but if you are not already successful online, then there is a huge learning curve, so get help. With that being said, a program that gets you your investment back in 1 sale, with the potential of $1500 per day, and unlimited training, live webinars, phone calls, emails, until you get it.
Now that seems like a dream scenario. Let me know when you find one like that!
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Rick Lim enjoys playing lots of golf, and helping others succeed offline and online.
Find out how Rick went from a mechanic to 3 hour a day online marketer with no experience.
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